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Round Brushing Fun For Everyone

So, I think I am safe in saying, if you have ever used a round brush more than 3 or 5 times in your life, you have experienced having it caught in your hair. Is that a safe assumption or is my dexterity so challenged and mirror image manuevering completely lacking? It's not like it happens regularly, but I've endured a self-induced bald spot or two in my time.

There were a couple of things I thought had to happen before you ever found yourself doing the hair-caught-in-a-brush-panic-dance.

First, I thought perhaps one would be older, say 13, 14 at least.
And secondly I thought you HAD TO HAVE HAIR!

Somehow Avee managed to get a round brush caught in her two strands of hair that surround an adorable, but very small curl. She was silently struggling with this when I found her. Which leads me to an even more entertaining point....

We were at dinner when Avee started throwing her corn and splashing her water on her tray. So Jay took her out of the high chair. She systematically made the circuit around the table trying to get someone to hold her. She tried the hardest with Erica---I'm certain she percieved Erica to be the weakest link. Erica stayed strong.

Avee got bored and wandered off and we are sort of an "out of sight out of mind" kind of family. A good ten minutes later I got up for something and happened to walk past the bathroom to find Avery sitting in the sink. That is where she was silently struggling with the brush. She was sitting in the sink. We were eating dinner. She has graduated from toilet swimming, to inexplicable sink sitting. It's not so much the sitting there that baffles me, it's the GETTING there. I WANT to say I don't know how she did this. I want to, but I can't. She's Avee. That's how she did it.

When the page opened, saw Avee in the sink with the brush, I'm all "how did that happened?" and THEN you tell us she got IN the sink by herself?

Wow Nelly, that kid's got potential!
Another excellent Avee adventure.

Oh, and one more thing: 1st post YESSSSSS

i can't stop laughing....... that is too much. SHE HAS NO HAIR, how the hecka!

She just doesn't want to end up a laughingstock like Aunt Emily, with a barrette randomly stuck to the back of her head. Be glad she's showing an interest. Some of us never learn, you know.

Roz has just figured out how to climb into her high chair... yikes.

Why were round brushes invented again?

I remember before you even met J, you were brushing my hair with a round brush and it got caught. I probably panicked, but I remember you smiling and calmly removing it from my head.

For those of you who don't believe that happened and that we edited the pictures, it did happen. I witnessed it. And have witnessed her several times climbing up into the sink while I was vacuuming and while Ben screaming he wanted to vacuum too. Good times. Miss you guys! also been missing custard too :-)

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