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Note To Self

When your 3 year old wakes up at 1 AM to go to the bathroom, even if it's the first time he's ever done that, be alert. Do not be alarmed when he shows up suddenly in your hallway, resembling a Guns-N-R0ses groupie, staggering, panting and muttering loudly, holding himself. Do NOT get in his way to talk to him, even if you are just a concerned mother with an instinct to comfort. He WILL headbutt you.

DO however, follow him to his destination and guide him in his process as he will make your entire bathroom, attached closet and hallway his urinal if you do not.

Waaah! sorry. If I read correctly, these are the things that went wrong:
1 AM
First time
Guns-n-roses groupie look-alike
Headbutting (ouch!)
Urine in the wrong places

Bet it was just the kind of night you wanted to have.

The GNR reference reminds me of a SNL skit (but then again, what doesn't) of Adam Sandler (as Axel Rose) and Sebastian Bach dueling on a "kids'" nursery rhyme record. LOL...

Hope everything's OK after your hairy, hairy night.

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