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Memo to Benja

Dear Benja,

In reference to our recent conversation;

As long as your hands are chubby and your knees are dimpled,
As long as you say things like "Frite" and "fpoon" and "fmell",

As long as I find towers and trails like these through the house,

As long as you translate Avee's babble into your specific wants,

As long as you are quirky,

As long as your favorite things at night are cold water and me or daddy to "lie with you in five minutes",

As long as you dance without hesitation, in front of a crowd,

As long as you say things like "that will feel me bettoh"

and "evoh, evoh!"

and "yep, it sho is!"

As long as you can think of nothing better to do for fun than to cook and clean,

As long as you say "that's what I'm talkin' about" when you see commercials for things you like,

As long as you dress yourself without care or awareness of societal norms,

As long as I can always tell by your face and your shirt what you've eaten in a day,

As long as your mischief can secretly make me laugh,

As long as you actually like when I sing,

As long as you love to be near your sister,

As long as your sweetness, your giggle, your explanations, your attempts to understand, your pleadings, your bargainings, your requests, your love of everyone, your joy for Wal-mar+, and ability to instantly forgive my mistakes make my heart smile....

you will be my baby.

Very Truly,
Your Mother

:: whipping out the Kleenex ::

Oh, come on! It's 9:23 in the morning and you're making me bawl already?

That was just gorgeous, Miss Rhythm. I have to go hug all my little babies now - even the ones with B.O.

"even the ones with b.o" got a HEARTY guffaw out of me. So much to look forward to.

Your posts are very effective in that I wish I were there to give out big hugs to your kids, too.
Benja's such a great kid. Those towers and trails are impressive!

Yeah, that made me whip out the kleenex too... Dang, woman!

I need to hug my kids too...

You need to do an update to this when he's bigger too.

Emily, those were only 2 of about 8 I have photographed. The diaper one is my favorite.

Jay, I hope it makes you so sad you get on the next plane home...

Sketchy, that's a great idea. I wonder if it will say things like, "As long as you don't know how bad your b.o. is..."
p.s. I love your screen name, or whatever those things are called.

Your kids are so sweet :D
Can they be any cuter? ..gosh, I almost feel like having another kid....almost.

You are such a good mommy, those pictures and memories are just precious

when my husband was little, he too said his "f" words and "s" words with an "fsp" (fspoon, fspish, fspence). we have a tape of him and his dad going through the dictionary practicing words. it is so cute! cherish it :)


Henry talks with the "f"s in front of lots of words now - he calls Quinn "Fwinn" and it makes us laugh every time.

I think you and Benja and Avee need to come be my neighbors. And Jay, whenever he comes home. :)

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