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Like a journal, so probably not all that interesting

I'm in a blogging slump. I'm not the only one either. Is it summer? When you have non-school aged kids it doesn't seem like it should matter, but somehow it does.

Avee ate breakfast this morning in a very amusing manner. She would pick up her hashbrown and take a bite. After one bite, she put it back down and would "brush off" her hands as though they were covered in crumbs--even though they weren't. I don't know where she learned the brushing off technique; she's quite good at it. I've seen her do it in the past, but never methodically like this morning.

Benja answered the door this afternoon at 1 PM with an exuberant, "Tum in duys! I'm dressed!" I might have been embarrassed that he knew it was something worth exclaiming because of it's rarity in our house at 1 pm, but instead it just made me laugh.

Every once in a while I babysit a little 5 year old boy. His dad is in Iraq and his mom sometimes has to travel for her job. I pick him up at school, feed him dinner, he spends the night, and then I take him back to school the next morning. A few times in the past his mom has warned me that he will try to sneak toys out to take to school. I've watched for it, but he's never tried. This morning when we got to the school I opened his door and he carefully got out with a 4 inch long little matchbox-type fire truck hanging down the back of his shorts. In the back seat, squished between two carseats, he had rigged the fire truck in his undies so that he could walk "clean" into school. It really made me laugh. I made him remove it and leave it in the car.

This morning I told Ben to get dressed if he wanted to go with me to take N to school. This is what he came up with.

He went from pajamas to this. He insists on wearing socks in the summer even though he has THREE pairs of sandals because I want to avoid socks and tennis shoes at all costs. Bee boots are always his true first choice though.

Yesterday I took my niece to the Cali Pizza Kitch. It was my first time going there. Behind me were two teenage girls chatting away about boys and fashion and future plans. Actually, one girl did all the talking. I used to have friends like that. Anyway, her boyfriend was in rehab and she was really glad he was getting help and they had been together 6 months but she was gonna stick with him. She didn't drink so much to get smashed as just to get a light buzz. She wished she was a little taller so she could be a model with some agency (which might as well have been greek to me because, while I am taller, modeling wasn't even in the "shoot for the stars" avenue for me), but she might just go to hollywood and be a personal assitant for So-and-So (another name I didn't know) because she could totally do that job, she knew so much about fashion and clothes and stuff. Only, she didn't say "stuff". Kids don't say "stuff" these days. She could also totally stop smoking but she just didn't think she needed to at this point in her life.

These were two girls who had probably never wanted for anything in life. And probably never would. They were young, driving beamers, waiting for boyfriends to get out of rehab, and dressed to the nines to eat dinner at CPK.

I'd like to contrast my evening, surrounded by people like that, with a story from the town I came from.

We sent our car back to my hometown with my sister---for her to sell. She lives on a major thoroughfare and where I live, well, people just don't buy used cars.

Yesterday two girls showed up wanting to "test drive" the car. My sister wasn't even sure they had a driver's license between the two of them. They definitely didn't have any teeth between the two of them. One was wearing a shirt that said, "My mom is bigger than your mom" and they were carrying bags of groceries--mostly beer. After my sister confirmed that one of them did have a license, she let them "test drive" the car. The one driving "loved the clock, the leather, the steering wheel, the gear shift". She was gonna "call the bank tomorrow". She "really really was". She pulled into her trailer park, unloaded her groceries, thanked my sister and went inside.

At least she said thank you. Did she?

I knew how the story was going to end when my sister told me they had groceries. And yet, the laughter could only well up in me. When she finished the story and they went inside, I erupted and could not stop laughing. I don't know how people get nerve like that. I really really don't. And it's SO DANG FUNNY. My sister wanted to be annoyed, but really---how can you not just laugh at something like this?

Where I came from and where I am now aren't so different. Instead of driving Infinitis that their dads bought them, the girls in my hometown test drive them like they are their own. And while the girls where I live, they probably still have to have someone buy the beer for them---but where I come from, they just need someone to test drive them home with it.

Now THAT is a creative way of gettin' home from the store. Nervy indeed.

The Beamer girls need to go to girls' camp or something.

ditto on the slump. probably something to do with the heat, i dunno.

i am still scared of rich girls like that, just like i was in high school.

If that did not kill eating to much lunch will! That was the funniest thing I have read - since your last blog anyway! You will be pleased to know that all the girls in the office insisted on knowing what i was laughing so hard at so i had to share with them. They thought it was just as funny. And those "rich" girls - pleeaseeee!!! I would have turned and stared - eyes wide open.

Oh to be there with you and enjoy your adventures.


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