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Blogging Before Bed

Benja had an early morning dentist appointment today. He had to be sedated for some dental work and it took me three months to work up the courage to make this appointment. Meanwhile the pin-prick size cavity invaded his entire mouth and gums and we left the dentist with pediatric-dentures. It's a shame, but I have my own fears to think about too. I don't know why it scared me, there are a lot of things about motherhood I just.don't.get.

He did great, the dentist and her staff were amazing. I did see a glimpse of how either J or I might be if we were drinkers. Ben got loud and goofy and it was entirely entertaining for me. They asked me to take him to a small dark room with a Thomas the Train movie playing and to hold him. I did that. The idea being, that snuggling with his mom, watching tv, sitting in a dark room, all would induce sleepiness.

Au contraire monfraire! He got annoyed that sleep was overcoming him and would hop off of my lap to wake up. Once he felt sufficiently awakened, he'd climb back up me like a drunken man to the bar for last call. Once that became too much effort he started slapping his eyes, yes slapping, and saying things like, "It's daytime, I'm not sleepy" and "Stay open, Edward is on the tracks!" If it wasn't so funny, I think I might have been sad. He was obviously struggling with not being in control of his body---which can be alarming at any age. Except for if you are a newborn. He did a George W. chortle when the narrator said "Thomas tooted". Complete with the shoulder shrugging and half-mouth grin. He has heard that phrase a dozen times at least---but today, combined with the Versed, it was funny.

At one point he turned around, while sitting on my lap, and seemed a little surprised to see me behind him and said, "Are you my mom?" I think my incessant giggling didn't help in the "soothing to sleep" effort.

Everything went smoothly and I took my little doped up boy home. He had some strange expressions, I think the numb mouth was a little hard for him to process, but it made for good entertainment for us. He was himself entirely by early afternoon. What a tough little guy. I laid down with him on the couch while he watched Sesame Street. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes, but in those 10 minutes, his appetite returned and he helped himself to a gigantic cinnamon roll. That's my boy.

I'm going to bed.

I have been trying to upload pictures for the past week to no avail. It's really getting old and beyond frustrating. I expect more from my free blog host. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it stop being mean to me?

LOL @ "Thomas tooted." My kids would have had a heyday with that one.

I've found that if you type a long post and then try to add pictures, it won't let you. How I counteract that is by saving the post to draft, then opening a new "create post" and uploading the photos there. Then I copy and paste the photos over to the first post and rearrange them. Other times Blogger is just a complete poop and won't let me do anything. So I go do dishes or something and blow off some steam, then come back. Sometimes I have to log completely off and then come back.

I know, isn't it wonderful?

"Are you my mom?", B is so cute!, it would have been awesome if he had started to sing "come on bobby, let's doe potty"

I have stopped hoping I can upload my pics to Bl*gger. Instead, I use photobucket.com - but don't use bl*gger's upload tool, use HTML code

HEY! I was going to be the first post >:(


I absolutely ADORED this description! It had me giggling throughout; good thing I have only cats around to hear me right now. Glad he's recovering nicely.

By the way, with uploading photos, do you use Picasa? When I was on Blogger that's what I used, and it worked okay. But I'm not on Blogger anymore, so maybe it's a systemic problem that even Picasa can't cure. Good luck.

He, he, he...

I was just thinking today about Henry's ear-tube surgery and how I couldn't go in to watch him "go under" - particularly after the nurse described the process and said his body would go limp and his eyes would roll back in his head. yeah, every mom's nightmare. So I made Husband do it. And Henry woke up fighting mad - THAT was funny, because it was so out of character (until this week). Anyway, I totally understand the procrastination thing about stuff like this.

This post was very funny...I read it twice in a row and it's hilarious just picturing it. Intoxicated B. Ha!

(And at the risk of committing a major faux pas by doing something you hate and correcting your spelling in a comment, it's "mon frere." Will you still love me tomorrow?)

Listen Code Yellow Chic, me trying to spell a french phrase correctly (let alone USING it correctly) is like those redneck cowboys in Missouri who say, "yeah, gimme one of them there loooong Jawns, and I'll take me a jelly feeled, and how about a couple of Cwahsahnts?
Puuuuuuhlease. I know who I am.
I will allllllll-uh-alllllll-uh-always love you.

oh, ps. Naddin, NCS, Caryn, thanks for the tips on posting pictures, they both have worked. I just can't find a moment of PEACE to add pictures...

Too funny. I love the image of the "drunk" kid and Mommy giggling at him. That would SO be me.

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