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And Then There Was The Update

I just got an email from my friend and she referred to "checking my blog to see the update on Benja's birthday party". Uh, hi. I'm so lame sometimes. I have a lot to learn about the blogging world. Respond to comments, don't respond? Post comments on other blogs referring to comments on my blog, or no? Update posts on previous dilemmas or not....I don't know. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. But I will update you on the party.

The two year old went to bed before he even opened his presents. I think that's so funny. It was a small party. Avee and Ben and big brother were the only guests. And, as per usual, I made this whole parenting thing way more of a job than it needed to be. Did anyone notice the sage advice my husband offered? Yeah, me neither. Benja had a ball playing with the 3 year old brother. The cupcakes were decorated with little trains that match ones he already has. He got to go home with two of those and a train book. I forgot that party-attenders these days get gifts for coming to the party. A tradition I SO missed out on in my youth.

It was a non-issue. How boring of a post is this turning out to be?

Just to spice it up a little, I'd like to report, 3 more pounds have vanished from my girth. The last time I referred to myself using the word "girth" was over two years ago and my husband got annoyed with me for talking like that and made it known. I learned my lesson, I don't talk like that in front of my husband. I do however talk like that in front of my kids, which was stopped abruptly after hearing my son repeat such things. Although, I have to confess, I didn't know if I was coming or going after the following conversation with Benja this morning.
B: Why are we doe-ing to the gym?
M: So I can work out and you can play at the daycare.
B: Why do you want to work out?
M: Oh, I want to get in shape and lose weight.
B: What's lose weight?
M: Get smaller
B: I'm detting bigger. When I drow big, then I tan det fmaller like a baby. Why do you want to be a baby uh-den mama?
M: No, I don't want to be a baby again, I want to be in better shape, you won't really notice that I'm smaller.
B: Oh. That's nice. Betuz baby's tan't talk and they just try (cry) all the time. Like Avee. Even though she tan walk, she still tries a lot. And has poopie diapers that fmell bad. Is that why we are doe-ing to the gym mom?
M: Uh, what we were talking about? Could you repeat the question?

Also, I dared to take a shower while they ate lunch.

At least I can say with confidence, my children understand the importance of whirled peas.

Thanks for the cue MA.

Huh Larious. The gym convo...

My mom has said that she swears going to Weight Watchers caused pregnancy. That's not too far off from a gym causing you to BE a baby again. Is it?

And oh, the things that come undone while we are showering. There is no end. So hard to choose between personal hygiene and no whirled peas.

how funny!! the pea picture is great :) i can't wait until my little one has a sibling to play with...ok, i lied i can wait another 2 years or so (Lord willing).
congrats on losing weight!! it is definitely a challenge for any woman to do so and you should celebrate (get a pedicure and think about all of us who aren't so lucky to have lost weight or get a pedicure!)

s that why we are doe-ing to the gym mom? HA HA :D oh, that Benja is too funny. He should have his own sitcom.
Did Avee jump on the table and threw all those peas around?

I'd love it if someone would write a post about those blogging questions. Or perhaps someone should do a poll or somethin'.

WHo could help us with all the bloggering commenting/responding/doe-ing dilemmas?

I'm still trying to figure out blogging too. I remember reading one comment where someone asked if the person whose blog she was commenting on, wanted to be linking buddies. I thought, is that how that's done? Hmmmm. It's such a strange new world.

Now, did you use the Dustbuster or a broom and washcloth for the peas?

Thanks Ashley!

NCS--Benja said it was Avee, so, well, I'm gonna have to believe him.

Millie, bless your heart for assuming the mess has been cleaned up.

"bless your heart for assuming the mess had already been cleaned up"

I just LOLed big time.

Once a group of moms was complaining about how dirty their houses were getting, dust on the shelves and whatnot.

I said, I'm pretty sure there's smashed banana, which is sort of a smelly black paste, on every floor in every room of my house, and I'm pretty sure it's been there for about six months.

Dead. Silence. I had clearly crossed some sort of crucial line that separated "frenzied new mom" from "in need of therapy / medication new mom."

Excellent, love it! » »

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