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Bedtime Conversation

I wonder how long it will take me to realize and not be surprised everytime--Benja notices EVERYTHING.

As Benja was stalling for bedtime, I started opening the long awaited DVD I got in the mail from BB. Benja had been talking nonstop trash--like, "I'll only go to bed if you shake me up like salt and pepper" and "I'm gonna throw you in the trash" and "If you don't say I go to bed I'll say you're being nice and let you get out---is that a good idea?" so obviously I was not listening to him, much. I have my self-esteem to consider.

Then he says, "I hope it's a lion movie and that you are going to let me watch it for 5 minutes." Lion movies are the ones where the lion roars at the beginning, is that MGM? Of course, I never notice the lion because that's not what the movie is---but he always gets so excited with all the lion movies we get. I tell him he's not watching, he's going to bed. He says, "Why, are you watching the rest of the merriment?"


The rest of the merriment!

I have no idea what you are saying Benja, what are you talking about?

That show you watch every night, The restive the merriment.

The show I watch frequently, long after he's gone to bed.

Arrested Development.

Ha! Soooo funny. It's scarey, isn't it? Everything they have all figured out...

LOL, I think we just found a new nickname for our favorite cancelled show. Pretty sure it's MGM.

Are you loving AD? "You're high!" "You're drunk!"

I mean, I'm pretty sure MGM has the lion roaring. :) sorry

hey, I'm on 'comments'! cause I'm at somebody's house who knows the ropes and lets me read when the new blogs come out....... and probably uses them to start her day like that S lady in the suburb of KC,.....they are so funny, some day I'd like to meet the objects of most of your darling blogs, they sound sooooooooooooo interesting! Your friend, C as in M

HA HA! "Restive the merriment"
I LOL'ed big time.

I also loved the "I'm gonna throw you in the trash" :D

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