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Oh, just you wait

You will never guess in a million years what I got in the mail today.


Just try.

Nobody has. I couldn't have even guessed.

If I wasn't as experienced at continence as I am, there would have been an awful scene when I opened the Fed Ex box.

Did you read this post?

Oh yes, I was in rough shape.

Well, there were a lot of responses and a lot of "hang in there" "I'd help if I wasn't an internet friend that lives 1000 miles away and probably wouldn't know you from Adam" which really just made my heart smile. It's nice to get support like that.

But, I have to say, and proudly, I feel confident I will be able to one-up just about any person when it comes to a "I have a friend who once" conversations.

Not one. Not two. Not even 5. SIX. SIX I TELL YOU.

Six of the most beautiful pints of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food EVER packaged in the western hemisphere.

I can't even tell you the utter surprise and sheer delight that overcame me and has not yet lifted. I walked around the rest of the afternoon, anyone within earshot heard things like, "Dude, I got ICE CREAM in the mail today. ICE CREAM! IN THE MAIL! Do you hear me? Next thing you know they'll have time travel and floating cars....ICE CREAM IN THE MAIL!"
Probably the best part to watch about this event (you know, on our video footage in heaven after we die) will be the opening of this package. I wasn't home when it arrived so it was left at the management office for me. I went to get it and saw a return address of Ben and Jerry's. After the manager handed it to me, I saw the return label, did a double take and then exclaimed loudly, "SHUT! UP!" Ms. Manager who was walking away, stopped abruptly. I showed her the return address, as I was in shock and needed it verified. We both started saying things like, "No, surely not---perhaps they have a line of cookies, no, it's not possible, well, let's look!" She scrambled for some scissors and I opened it. We both literally jumped back in shock. I've never seen six pints of ice cream in a box before. Never.

Then Ms. Manager asks me why someone is mailing me six pints of ice cream. The ensuing explanation---wacky-macky-smokin'-cracky.

"So I blog? You know about blogs? So I have this blog and my kids have the chicken pox and my husband travels and I got escorted out the back alley of the drs office and I had a friend coming in from out of town and I self-medicate with ice cream and my husband's hotel doesn't always answer their phone and I just moved here at the beginning of the year and all my friends live far away and I blogged and I was quarantined and I wished Wal-mart delivered ice cream and the chicken pox are making me get fat again and my son still hasn't broken out with pox yet and my husband travels and I love ice cream and....

I wasn't making sense to myself, but I couldn't stop because I had six pints of ice cream in a box in front of me. And then Ms. Manager screws up her face and says, "So, you blog about chicken pox and ice cream and someone from the internet sent you ice cream?"

But oh no---it wasn't a 53 year old man who "works from home" and poses as a witty 30 something SAHM that sent me ice cream.

It was my friend. And she's f'real guys.

Now that is a true friend, indeed!! I'm jealous I don't have a friend that sends me ice cream when I truly need it.

aw shucks, ma'am. 'tweren't nothin.' (you forget I do have a beer-gut. just not from beer.)

Chalk it up to "been there."

and what wouldn't someone do for pics of avery with a chocolate mug?

I love her. And I love you. And now I'm hungry for Phish Food, d***it.

Seriously, why couldn't we all have been born in the same place and known each other? You two are so awesome. Can't wait till Thanksgiving but I wish T could be there too.

Avee looks cute all chocolated-up - but I can't believe you shared with her (or anyone else). I would've hoarded that stuff big time.

P.S. That didn't sound like a stalker, did it.

Wheres my invitation to share!??

When I spoke to Millie this morning, she told me all about it...how cool are you guys?
That's a true friend. How awesome to be that amazing.
Here's to blogging, friends and ice-cream.

It's been over twenty four hours since I heard, and I can hardly believe it.


UNBELIEVEABLE, INCONSEIVABLE!! I LOVE this story. I thought about doing something BUT ice cream?? Who knew. You know being old, pregnant, stressed with full time nursing school, broke, and just plain exhausted.(423 apple lane jerico KS 45325)a package like that would be manna from heaven:)ps the pic of avees and the box with 6 pints PRICELESS.

Cyndi---don't be jealous, just come over, I'll save some for you!


Millie---We're hard not to love, and what girl doesn't dream of having a thoroughly mormon internet stalker?

Rebecca--Invitation? I can barely dress myself in the morning, and you want an invitation? Just get yer hiney over here.

NCS--Thanks for the toast. :)

Samuel's Bro--You're hot.

S--I really wanted your unadulaterated response on here for T to see---sorry I kept you out of the loop. You know it wasn't just a glitch, it was calculated. And the ice cream was cold. Mmmmmmmmmm ice cream....

Mmmmmm, ice cream in a box.

I know that NOTHIN in your life right now can top ice cream in the mail but please don't leave us hangin anymore WE need some bloggin. I need laughter, tears,and thoughts to be provoked or just plain "she is so dang good at writing" floating in my head all day. So don't sleep, eat, or pay any attention to that hot samuel bro until we are fed:)

Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I thought for a minute that it was a Hank's cheesecake. We still have those fedexed to us about once a year and then I dole out little bits to everyone in the family and keep the rest for myself.

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