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The Way We Were I Was

I just read an email I sent to Jay when we were "just friends" exactly 6 years ago. I had only known him since June, but clearly we were very good friends by early September.

What I'm mostly in shock over was how articulate and intelligent I was in the email. I mean, gall-darn I talked good. It was almost like reading the words of another person. Another smart, lively, witty person who'd had my life experiences. I feel like now I have to focus really hard construct complete, and grammatically correct sentences. I'm sorry, did I leave out a linking verb? Well, you get the gist. If you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends in my present condition.

I was fresh out of college. I think I was high on the smell of my edjamacashun. I'm gonna find that girl, that brain, and I'm going to beat her/it into submission so she/it never leaves me again. I'm going to talk about ideas and relationships and be introspective and profound. No more debates about Shout vs Spray & Wash (does anyone have an opinion, btw?). No more conversations about just how much my kids eat. Or won't eat. No more entire days worth of thought revolving around poop. Or chronicling my experiences with it. Until Avee gets trained. No more deferring to my husband to explain why the sky is blue because his vocabulary is more better.

Just you watch people---I finna be a new woman. Like the old me. But new.

Just reading these darn blogs makes me either a) laugh or b) cry. Either choice still makes me miss you terribly! Forget Shout and Spray & Wash.. Go straight for the Oxy Clean Stain Remover. It is in a blue bottle and will even get out already set stains!

I say ZOUT- best stuff out there. Why do even that just keep buying new and don't do laundry! Can you only imagine what mom must have been like in her post grad - pre babies daze?

well, you can't "shout" at your kids, but you can "spray, and wash" them...
of the two i prefer shout, but breit mama is right--the oxy is the best. even just tossing in a scoop of the regular oxy stuff got a really old stain out of one of my hubby's old t-shirts.
oh, but you didn't want to talk about this so I'll just erase it...

I always send the kids to Dh to explain why the sky is blue. His vocabulary IS more better.

Does this mean I won't be able to read your blog anymore? if you are going to use big old fancy words I won't be able to understand it, being Mexi and all.

I don’t use either. I got mine long long ago, way back in single-land, when my stepdad bought it from a door-to-door sales guy. I was like “yeah right”, but 11 years later I’m like “yay”, works everytime, on everything(USAnvanage or something).

Please don't go cold turkey on no poop stories. I don't think I could deal with it.

I'm with breit mama, I love Oxy Clean Stain Remover. Amazing stuff!

What is this? No more poop stories? Don't you know the rest of us are all going through this stuff too, and need someone else to point out how funny and gross it is? And how indicative it is of where we are in our lives?

Silly girl. Poop is for blog-moms.

Yes, it IS indicative that the biggest concerns around these parts is poops and stains. What about the phrase "I finna be a new woman"? Because *that* was priceless.

I feel like I'm just barely out of the water, the kids being 6 and 4, in the shrunken-brain arena. It's a legitimate physiological phenomenon, but it's distressing nonetheless. You may get dumber, but just think how sweet you can be now!

Also, you're not trying to impress J anymore. He knows you're brilliant, so you can relax and say things like "galldarn I talked good!"

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