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Alive n Kickin

I may have created a monster. A sweet, cute, happily playing one, but a monster nonetheless. It's 10:46 pm and Avee is contentedly sitting in the sink playing with the toothbrushes. I put her to bed at 8. I put Benja to bed at 8. He fell in a drunk heap onto the bed and was never to be heard from again tonight. She, on the other hand, sang drunkly, wailed, whined, cried, and cursed until I went back and got her. She has never objected to bedtime. She enjoys bedtime.

But today, while she was napping, I was outside with the baby monitor on to cue me when she woke up. I kept waiting to hear her hearty guffaws (from whatever jokes she tells herself when she first wakes up) or her loud yells to be retrieved. But they never came. I finally went near her room and just heard a desperate, exhausted, lost-hope wail. I have no idea how long she had been crying. The monitor had been unplugged. She usually will play happily in her crib for a good 20-30 minutes (I know from the 7:00 am wake-up calls she sometimes gives) without ever crying. And then she'll sort of whine for another 15 minutes. Not that I ever let it go that long...

She had long passed those stages and when I got to her she had clearly been crying for a very long time. Nothing makes me feel more crappy as a parent. Fortunately she suffers from short-term memory not-having and she was over it soon enough. But man, what a lousy way to spend an afternoon!

However, I think I'm paying for it now. She wants nothing to do with that black hole of a crib where no one hears her cries. Can't say I blame her. I'm going to indulge her in a little late night carousing. I owe her at least that. And as soon as she's done with her diet cherry coke, we're both going to bed.

I'm mostly just blogging so you don't think I got eaten alive by a poxed up, broken granola bar-bearing couple of kids.

Avee seems in better spirits, (extreme neglect aside) and she still hasn't scratched a single chicken or pox.
Here's how she looks. After she's been crying an indeterminate length of time, it looks a little worse.
Her face is the worst, and as you can see, it's fairly minimal. Not bad for a pale skinned redhead who's bound to suffer some skin difficulties in her formative social years. I'd say there were a couple of jr high days weeks years in somebody's past that didn't fare as well as this.

Her back is probably the next most poxed. The biggest reddest mark is a birthmark. Do not be alarmed. Yes I've seen it. I gave birth to her, I saw it when both she and it were 30 seconds old. It is only a birth mark. No it's not growing. Yes I keep an eye on it. No it's not moving. Yes it has its own zip code, but as far as I know, that doesn't make it fatal.

Aren't those little curls precious?

I hope you're real proud. First that granola bar, now this? I thought I knew you.

For the record, I never let any of my kids cry for extended periods of time in their cribs, either. And I mean never.

Avee is so cute, with her little red curls.
I let my kids cry all the time...oh wait, no I didn’t actually.

But don't feel bad, it's not like you meant to do that. It's not like you were giving you Firstborn his bottle and he just kept crying and looking at you until, many many minutes later, you realized the bottle nipple had no hole, so no milk had been coming out all that time, while the poor little guy cried his eyes out. No, you didn't do that.

I'm glad you are all alive albeit poxed.

Are you sure she can have diet cherry coke with pox? and I think you should find away to get millie to talk she sounded suspicious. I can't believe how long her hair is now, and how much she looks just like someone else in that house.

I like the little red-haired eyebrows the best. :)

sooo cute. even when carousing.

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