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Highlights from the weekend

I went on a hot date with J for some yummy Pho and then watched Invincible. Both J and I knew months ago when we saw the preview for it, it would be an enjoyable movie. I'm a sucker for those based on a true story, rise from the ashes stories. Okay, probably not rise from the ashes, but man I love that phrase ever since Martina McBride sang about it.

It was every bit as enjoyable as we hoped, and more. Around the same moment that I was wishing I wasn't so full from Pho and could enjoy the Halloween candy I had smuggled in, and was thinking, "man this is a good script", J leaned over and said, "this isn't just a good story, it's good directing." So, we were pleased with the $3 total we spent to see that movie, Dots and Hot Tamale covered floor included in that price.

We enjoyed some of Benja's newly acquired reasoning skills combined with some 3 year old logic. In a conversation about Halloween candy, how mom wanted to throw all of it away, and how dad innately felt that was a violation of every childhood code known to man and Benja didn't care what either of us thought if he could just have that bag of sour Skittles please. We explained to him that too much candy could very well make him sick and that was why we were limiting it. I really don't think it's any of his business right now that his sugar highs make me want to jump off a short building into bushes that trap me and make me take a 4 hour nap without any interruptions. So Ben reasoned, "Well, it's okay if I have too much candy and get a little sick, I can just eat some ice cream and that will feel me bettoh." Yes, yes, I see that he has taken a chapter from my book of how to effectively tear apart your ailing body, but be true to your impulsive cravings.

One of the sickest I have ever been in my adult life, was nearly 6 years ago, two days before I fell in love with J. I was so sick I went to a doctor, something I had never done before. I had been to doctors, just not for being sick---mostly for being a hypochondriac. He loaded me up with drugs and while I was getting the prescriptions filled, I raided the candy aisle at Walgreens. For two days I slept nearly nonstop and rolled over only long enough to self-medicate with some Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy's, or Smarties---oh, and to take my real medicine. I have no idea why I did that. I knew better. And even today, if my mom reads this post, I will probably get a tsk-tsk phone call. I mean, really---it's just ridiculous that I did that, but in retrospect, it's just made me a better mom. I get it when Ben suggest self-medicating with ice cream.

Just now Benja called from the other room, "Mom can I have this?" I answered, "If it's candy, the answer is no." He responded, "But if it's ice cream, the answer is yes!"

J found a new carpet cleaning product that has changed his entire outlook on life. You might think I'm exaggerating, but all I have to say is "Crystal Dry" and he does a little jig like Rumpelstiltskin the night before all his dreams are shattered. You can read about it here. I make no claims that he doesn't love Star Trek...

Avee broke a record this weekend of yelling "Go-way!" and "No-way!" more than any other human being has in a 24 hour period. Most of the time it wasn't even the appropriate response, and she uses them interchangeably, but I understand her need to assert herself as a woman....who is having her diaper changed. At one point this weekend she hollered it at a cousin who came within a 4 foot perimeter of her precious chocolate. Rather than deal with any misunderstanding as to who's candy it was and who's table it was on, and who's air he was breathing, she just yelled "GO-WAY!" He stared incredulously, and if a nearly-five-year-old could articulate such thoughts, he might have said, "I thought we were friends Avee." This is the cousin who plays goofy games with her tirelessly just to hear her giggle. And this is what he gets in return? I did hear him say twice, in disbelief, "Are you saying go away to ME!?" Avery didn't answer because she's been taught not to talk with chocolate in her mouth.

In exactly 10 days and 5 and a half hours we are going on vacation to spend Thanksgiving with my brother's family and I'm going to see THEM and meet HER and HER. Try not to be jealous. Unless you are one of these people, then you can be jealous---but that's just weird. I'm really looking forward to this. It is a week full of very cool people and NO WORK. I really just hope no one disappoints me.

I sorry for a late response, I have just been spending a few minutes, looking at all your links:) I am jealous of your thanksgiving plans and if life was just a tad bit different I would be joining you/ crashing the party. I want to laugh with millie, and the others. BUT like I said I have other plans:) Oh we saw "prestige" this weekend, pretty darn good:)

yeah, she left out her *other* date, which was seeing the prestige with me. apparently, i was a disappointment to her, but the movie was pretty darn good, wasn't it?

As part of the "them" I would like to say that we are very excited about the upcoming visit!

Thanks for the movie recommendation and plug for our blog!

I'm jealous.

That's all I have to say.

Oh, and you are going to miss the best turkey on earth, which I make. So there. Hmphh.

your mission is to discover if Thoroughly Morman Millie is as funny in person as she is in writing. Take notes, stay light on your feet, and be cautious at all times...

I'm so glad I know what Pho is.
I smuggle candy in the theater all the time. Sorry, I'm so naughty I know. SO I should even tell you I smuggle pop, cups and sometimes even burritos. No, I should write that at all.

"But if it's ice cream, the answer is yes!". I already knew that's one smart boy. The answer is always “yes to ice cream”.

Oh, I’m so jealous you are meeting us!
I am weris like that.

OK, no pressure or anything...

Sometimes NCS smuggles duck meat into the theater and throws herself a little fajita party. You think I'm joking. She started the fire alarm one time.

I'm excited to see "Prestige" so I'm happy to hear that it's good.

Can't wait to see you! Like, a week and a half!

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