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Jesus and Mama Will Always Love Him

Tonight J and I took Benja on a "date". About 5 months ago I took Benja on a date to a restaurant where he played with his truck the entire time and totally ignored me and then we went to see The Shaggy Dog, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Everytime he hears the word "date" now, he equates it with The Shaggy Dog. Hmmm, much like some of my past dating experiences...

Anyway, when I suggested that he go with me and dad on a date he was thrilled and started yelling about going to see Shaggy Dog again. I conceded to rent it because really, it was just cute how excited he got.

We went to a seafood restaurant that just opened near our home. Ben raved about the food he wouldn't eat and then finished off with a plate of "tuhzzerts". During the meal, a lady nearby was standing up waiting to leave and overheard Benja referring to north and south. J said, "Benja, do you even know what north and south are?" He of course, didn't and so he asked, "Well then, what are they?" Both J and I opened our mouths to speak and then closed them when no words came out. We looked at each other, at Ben and then started to hang our heads in shame. "Well! What ARE they?!" The woman standing nearby saw us floundering and said, "North is very cold and South is very warm." I had been thinking more directional than locational, but that'll work, right?

She walked away after a brief conversation and then came back, "AND Santa lives in the north, at the North Pole---you know Santa right?" Ben responds quickly, "And Jesus, I know Jesus."

We were both surprised at this response. The truth is, he isn't really up on Santa Claus. He was two and a half last Christmas and we moved on Christmas day. He knows that Dad got a bin of popcorn that made him happy and we had lots of presents to open, but there really wasn't any talk of Santa. Obviously he knows about Jesus, but I don't think I've ever really talked to him about the connection between Christmas and Jesus.

We kind of chuckled and the lady, not sure of how to respond, brought up Santa again.

You know where Santa lives?
Jesus lives way up there, in Heaven. And he's watching us so that we are fine.
Yeah, do you know about Santa?
Yes, but Jesus wants us to be....but Jesus wants us to be....but Jesus wants us to be....
(He seriously got stuck on that thought and we weren't sure it would get completed in our lifetimes)
Does Santa bring you presents?
But Jesus wants us to be GOOD!

All I have to say is, all y'all religious nuts STEP BACK, I gots me a mini-proselyter without even trying.

I wanna go on a date with benja

That is completely impressive. You had to BRING UP Santa and all he could think of was Jesus.

My kids are lukewarm about Santa too... about the time they figure out how exciting he is, they find out he's not real.

You moved on CHRISTMAS????

YAY! take that Santa-loving lady! Liitle Benja is taking you and your red-suited guy down.

PS: what are "tuhzzerts"? I sounded out trying to figure it out, but you see, I'm Mexican...

S--Bring it on mama!

TMM--J and I had been living apart for 3 months. I would have moved while in labor.

NCS--Tuhzzert is "Dessert". He is starting to lose his baby words and it's killing me so I've adapted his few remaining mispronounced words (Fmell, tuh-mote...) as the actual pronunciation so he never loses them. And graduates from college calling a remote a tuhmote.

You sure are doing something right with that kid! It is a very sweet story.

Anytime we pass in front of a church, my dauther makes a shuh, shuh, shuh. Baby Jesus is sleeping, we don't want to wake him! She has to think there is a baby somewhere in there!

As for santa, my daughter adores him... I am sure she would love a date whit him!

We've been toying with the idea of teaching our kids that Santa only comes to kids whose parents don't love them enough to give them what they ask for for Christmas. Because then they would be gratful to someone real and when they don't get everything they want for Christmas, they'll turn to Jesus. (I'm trying to provoke vehement discussion on your blog. And be hilariously funny.)

I'll let you know how it goes, since this is the first year that Santa has really come up at our house, too.

Benja is adorable.

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