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Well folks, I know I haven't been much of a frequent flyer in these here parts for the last couple of weeks---but now I have good reason not to be.

I'm off to Utah for my cousin's memorial ride. I'm pretty excited to be able to participate this year. It's been just a little over two years since Josie died, and this is the third annual memorial ride. The first year I was pregnant with Avee and the second year I had just moved away.

In all honesty, I wish the whole thing didn't exist---but since it does, I'm anxious to take part.

I got myself a new bike for the ride. I haven't done any real biking since college, so this will help with the transition.
I'm going to stick Avee in the back basket. She'll have a windbreaker, some string cheese, raisins, and a helmet.

All I need to get are a bell and some red, white, and blue handle streamers.

Have lots of fun Angela. It's a sad event yet it celebrates something she loved doing. Glad you get to participate this year.

I'm wondering, where are you going to put Benja’s bike? I don't see enough room there.

BTW you know at one point, your child will not want to bike with you if you have this bike :-)

LOL David---if I could pull it off, now would be the time to ride that bike--the kids wouldn't know any better. I just don't think I have enough confidence to pull something like that off. Unless I had a big plastic Texas flag to fly behind me and maybe a long-haired man wearing leather in a side-seater.

NCS--Thank you. You really are still my linking hero--you linking to my own picture--you're something else!

I think it's neat that so many people thought enough of her to put something like this together. :)

I NEED that bike. I'm going to start looking around for one. I would bike more often if I had something to carry my make-up bag in and that basket looks just big enough.

Have a fun trip to Utah - I'm totally coveting your going - and be safe.

Since I'm watching Benja while Angela is on her trip, I get to post comments about the cutest things he says, right?

My favorite: "Aw, Nut!" -- whenever he's frustrated, like when Asher got the Fpidoman plate at lunch, he says this. Not NUTS, but NUT. In that classic three year old gutteral voice.

Cutest. Nephew. Ever.

That is a sweet bike! Glad you get to go be with your fam.

Good luck on the route; it looks vigorous this year. And if you can, ring your little bike bell or horn as much as possible. Other riders, pedestrians, and drivers like this.

I prolly not spose to mention mum thought you really got a bike? The ? was how did you get it to UT! She didn't see any alarm in Avee role in the ride:)

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