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Wednesday Morning Is All

Well, I'm exhausted this morning. I was up all night, I just couldn't get the demise of the Spears-Federline marriage out of my head. In all honesty, I don't know how to process this, it's just devestated our home.
Okay, if I'm going to be rude like that, then I'll make a tiny little confession. I like Britney. I don't like her music, or even the image she has put out there for all the little pre-teen girls to emulate--or in some cases, the 5 year old neighbor girl to dress like on Halloween. Here's what a like. She's clearly a fighter. And, well, all the slack she's gotten as a parent---I can't help but notice, she's always HOLDING HER OWN CHILD. She almost drops him, because she's holding him. I fell once. No body guard to catch me, no paparazzi to cause it, holding my 21 month old, 9 months pregnant. Did you all see it on the cover of the tabloids? My children have fallen off of things no reasonable parent would let them be on. Her son falls out of a high chair and CPS is called and it's national news. Anyone who can deal with that crap and keep her head up, impresses me. Mostly I'm just impressed that she is her children's mom. I mean, the girl could afford someone to carry HER around for crying out loud.

Other news in photos:

Avee getting out of bed....

Actually, this is more like what her mom or
dad look like. She wakes up cheerful EVERY
morning and greets whoever retrieves her
with a very exuberant, "Hiiiiiiii!" and the best
morning hug ever. Of course, that is only after
a long monologue of how her night in the crib
went and what exactly is on the blankets in
her crib and how she feels about each.

And this morning I tried something new.
This is what Avee had for breakfast...

Not so unusual for her.

This is the cuteness I could just gobble up all day.

The girl barely has enough hair to
warrant a comb, let alone pigtails.
But I have waited about 29 years for
this day, and I'll be darned if I have
to wait another second.

And that's exactly what I told her
when she was yelling at me to stop
pulling on the few precious strands
of hair she has on her head.

And finally:
Dad gets mad and the kids get scolded when he sees this.

But the mom and the aunt just take pictures.

Here's hoping dad doesn't see this post...

Oh, my, goodness, those two babies in the bag are so adorable. This is such a sweet little time.

Earlier Carter and Roz were bear-hugging to a song on "Diego." I thought my heart was gonna break.

Dads just need to Reeeelax. Kinda like the CPS and the paparazzi - we're the ones watching the babies. So what if they play in things a bit? :) My motto - if it isn't a potential ER visit, it isn't worth scolding or curtailing exploration. There are blogs to maintain, after all.

The piggy tails are priceless.

Ha! I share your feelings on Britney. I hate to see any marriage fail, especially one with children involved. But I must admit when I saw the news, I said out loud to the empty living room, "Bout time she got rid of that skeez." I love how CNN considered this Breaking News and sent me a new flash email. I'm thinking she's got enough money to do a pretty good job as a single mom. K-fed totally squicked me out and I hope he takes a deep and permanent leap into obscurity.

Love the piggy tails.

Avee! In Pigtails! In a basket!!!
What are you doing to me? Those kids are so cute.

Avee getting out of bed.....
You know I like you, like a lot, but I believe I'm going to have to call CPS on you; no child should have to sleep in a basket (as clearly shown in your own picture missy). I don't know how they raise kids over there in Texas, but out here in the Northwest we don’t put our babies in baskets.

I am with ncs- from the closet to a basket, WHAT is going on down there. The pigtails were fake, nice try!

With Brit and Reese both dumping their men in the same week, I'm feeling sort of unmoored myself!

I laughed about 6 times at the piggy tails picture, maybe laughing isn't the right thing to do, but... I don't have an excuse :-) I know, I can't wait to do my daughters hair one day.

And the discription on the getting out of bed made me laugh too. Her bed seems to have changed though.

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