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The Devil Wears Faded Glory

So, I just got back from watching Ella Disenchanted The Devil Wears Prada with my niece. I left with a few thoughts. One of the thoughts I didn't have was "Wow, I had so many favorite parts!" I didn't dislike the movie. I just couldn't help but think for the entire length of the movie, "If Anne Hathaway is fat and frumpy then I am the love child of Nick Nolte and Sideburns Lady." That just doesn't feel good, even in stadium seating with adjustable arm rests and a 3 inch recline.

Then, on the other hand, I absolutely loved the supporting actors in the show. Boyfriend and Rich Successful Temptation were both just very enjoyable to look at. I know, I know, that objectifies men, but it is what it is. And the male coworker was a great actor. And, well, let's face it, Meryl Streep could stand on her balcony dressed as a cheese wedge shouting out yoga poses and I'd pay money, buy popcorn, and be enthralled. She is just an incredible actress. Of course, that's just my opinion.

So I enjoyed the movie, but it's hard to get sucked into the importance of fashion when I'm wearing the levis I've been wearing for the past 3 days and my favorite black top from Wal-Mart. I mean, I think I have some things to contribute to the world of fashion, it's just not apparent to the nak#d eye.

While I was gone Benja stayed home with Aunt Sara. Aunt Sara is a channel flipper. It's like watching tv with a wire short. After just a few minutes of the excessive channel changing this conversation ensued.
B: (looking around determinedly, as he was sure something was wrong) Where is that thing?
AS: It's right here.
Benja sits quietly for a few more minutes while more flipping occurs.
B: Give me that!
Sara gives it to him and he promptly begins flipping the channels. He finally rests on a channel.
AS: This channel is boring Benja.
B: You're boring.

A little while later I was laying down with Benja and we were talking about the day. I had decided I wanted to start working with him on memorizations since his mind is so ripe for that kind of stuff right now. And the only things I still have memorized are the things I learned when I was very young. So I said, "Say this after me Ben, We believe in God...." He said, "No, I'll say this 'What-thuh heck!"

And cut. It just all sounds so different when a 3 year old is saying it.

I went shopping with Avee today and she was feeling particularly social. She said "hi" to every person who came within her sight. It's a very charming "Iiiiiiiiii...." that starts off very enthustiastically and then just tapers off sing-songily. She got a lot of responses. Not like this other place where I lived where all the kids are considerably cuter and more charming and more noteworthy than my own, so nobody stops to smell the roses anymore because they're too busy pruning, plucking, and primping their own. I'm just saying.

Anyway, there were a couple of people who didn't respond to Avee as she had hoped. Like, for example, the nice Indian man (geez, I talk about Indians a lot, don't I?) who was restocking the mangos and was bending over with his head in a box---he didn't respond and Avee screeched "AAAACK!" at him. It is an alarming sound, particularly from this sweet little, nearly-bald, smiling, angel-face, and so he did pop up to see what the problem was. To which she reiterated, "Iiiiiiiii....."

As we were walking out of the store she raised her tiny little hand, with the roll of fat at the wrist and did a perfect Miss America wave. She grinned, waved, and sweetly threw out her "Iiiiiii's" to all those we passed. I am amazed that kids come this way.

I'd like to leave you with some images of the Queen. This was Sunday while Dad was making dinner. She feigned to be interested in assisting him, but I caught it on camera what her REAL motives were. What gets me is, she is a 15 month old "baby" sneaking cake, who uses knives?

B: You're boring
That was awesome. Was A Sarah just laughing like crazy? I was :)

I want to get an Avee "Iiiiiiiiii....", how adorable, I would totally wave "Iiiiiiiiii...." back.

DWP, I want to see it when it comes out on DVD, while I'm eating popcorn on my couch, wearing my super big PJ bottoms my little fashionista hates, and my mismatched top...just like a comfy fashionable Mexican woman should.

That is so funny about, 'What the heck?" My almost four-year-old busted out with that when we were on a walk the other day. "What-the-heck, Mom?" It took me a few times to realize what in the heck he was saying! And, don't you love social babies. I could just scream at adults who don't respond. OR even worse are cute, social babies whose parents you smile at, saying with your heart, I know how lucky you are, and they don't smile back at another grown-up! A sure sign their child will lose their innocent social-ness and grow up to be an unsocialized grump like so many other adults. I enjoy your blog--it's a new addition to my list!

LOL @ "You're boring." FUNNY.

Beware of knife-wielding 15-month-olds... you know it'll only go downhill from there. I love her outfit, though.

I'm coming over to NCS' comfy fashionable Mexican woman pajama party and watching it with her. Psssst, don't tell her. I'll just show up at her door bearing Oreos. You should pop over too, since you live so close by.

Amen on Levis you've worn for the last three days.

NCS: Aunt Sara was still laughing 2 hours later when I got home. They had quite the banter going last night. And Fashionista hating your attire? I'm shocked. I can't even think about the day my kids will have opinions on what I wear. Or don't wear. And, pssst, heads up, Addin-Nay Ay-Jay is ashing-cray your PJ arty-Pay.

Kris--thanks for stopping in! It's crazy how different our own words sound when our children say them. I never realized how crass "that sucks" sounded until I heard my 2 year old say it. I don't say it anymore. Unless something really sucks.

Naddin--Send tips, warnings, and advice my way by the truckload, I have much to learn from the mother of the FIRST Miss Personality. Should I consider, "Beware of knife-wielding 15-month-olds" your first bit of sage advice?

Mismatched, big pajama wearing NCS, you and a package of Oreos? Say no more, I'll be there. I'll even wear clean jeans. Maybe.

your little one is SO cute!

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