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If Only We Lived In Seattle

Last week it rained. Benja LOVES rain because he can accessorize with his bumblebee boots that are two sizes too small that he mooched off of his cousin a year ago. I won't let him run errands with me in them. I won't let him wear them to the pool, the park, or church. But he can wear them when it rains, and so he does.

So when it started sprinkling last week, he made a mad dash for his boots. Then it really started coming down so he insisted he needed a coat. I don't even know where his coats are, since when we moved here last Christmas it was 80 degrees outside! I wouldn't help him dig for a coat, but he somehow, he managed to find a yellow jacket that he was growing out of last winte.

When I told him I had to run up to the office to get a couple of things and he wanted to come with me. While I slipped on my shoes, he grabbed some eye protectors and we were on our way. I said, "Wow, that's quite an outfit, I don't think anyone will laugh when they see it." My friend's 5 year old daughter piped up, "I'm not so sure about that!" Ben was undeterred. He knew he was cool.

Sadly, I only got one picture and it's a little blurry.

That day I ordered him a raincoat and umbrella and boots off of Ebay.

They came yesterday.

And even though it was over 80 degrees outside, he put everything on immediately and road his bike and ran all over outside in it. I convinced him to share the bonus "rain hat" with Avery.

Benja in his polyester-vinyl glory.

Ah, now that was nice, I feel refreshed! My J was the same way I just never explored buying all the gear. ( so cute) He loved rain and snow:)

You kids are SOOOO cute. The froggy umbrella, raincoat, boots, hats.
That little guy really loves his boots; that first picture with his bee (are the bees?) boots, too-small coat and goggles is so precious.
You found those on Ebay? cool.

When did you change your colors and everything? I love it, it's super colorful and happy.
Here you are getting all prettified, and some of us are getting horrotared.

If you lived in Seattle, you'd be two hours away and I'd be doing more than reading your blog. ;)

Your blog looks wonderful. I see you've been template-shopping.

OK, your kids are so adorable that they are practically edible.

Cal loves the rain, too. All summer he was waiting for Dad to come home so he would have someone to jump in puddles with and there hasn't been much rain since! (I found out July and August are the heaviest rainfall here - innersting, eh?)

And I am beginning to feel slighted by all this Seattle talk. Do I need to set us all straight about which Washington is better? NCS and TMM, I love you guys, but you should really consider moving to the right side of the country. :) It's rainy and green here, too - it wouldn't be THAT much of a hassle or change.

Those pictures are SO adorable! I think you're Christmas cards are in the works with this one.

By the way, I love your new look!

The blog looks great!

Were there more frog rain gear sets on ebay, because it is going to start raining here in Oregon soon?

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