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The Time When She Toured With P Diddy

This is Avee imitating me, trying to imitate a rapper's pose.

Yo I'm Avee B and here's my rhyme
one of the things I like to do
Is ride my big wheel all the time

Come to my crib, we'll party all day
With Elmo and Barney and even playdough
But don't be a fool yo--you'll do what I say

Let's kick it---Everywhere I go, I like to run
Even in pajamas through the neighbors yard
Wearing my brother's shoes is so much fun

Break it down--today by myself I got out of my bed
Mom took too long so I climbed out myself
And staggered to the kitchen like a hungover coed.

If you think this rhyme bites-yo
Talk to my manager cuz she's the one who thinks she's clever
I was just eating my cheerios.

Ya know I can hear her...she is so cute does she babysit?

I want her to memorize this for when I see her. I expect a recital. Her mom IS talented - I can't write like that to save my life.

Yeah, I'm going to need her autograph.

Hi Angela. I found your blog through Millie's and you seem like so much fun. What a cute little rapper you have! What a talented mommy to make such fun "rhymes". :)

P.S. I went to Ricks and Utah State also. Sigh...what good memories.

I too came over from Millie's blog. How cute is your "rapper" and your rhyme is too funny!

I too came over from Millie's blog.

A signed picture and a DVD would do too.

Every time I try to find your blog, I type rythm really wrong... Anyway your rapper has got some talent! Dude I can't wait to see Avee B in da house man! INIT

Hi. I found you through my Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor... but I think she was drunk at the time.

Yo, word to the mother. (and her rhyming skills!) True dat!

When U gonna get that girl some bling?

I could be wrong, but I think Avee's manager may need some lessons from Nellie Nell - fo' sho! I might be able to hook you up!

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