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Quiet whispering at bedtime

Did you have a good day today Benja?
Really? Was it a bad day?
So, it was a good day?
What was your favorite part about today?
You really like Ikea don't you?
Yes. And do you want to know what was not a favorite part about today?
The bad part about today is, I don't know where Mary keeps her little lambs.
Yes, that show-ly is the baddest part of today. Do you sink we could bring the lambs to stay
No. Dad and I have a prenupt stating we will never have animals. Lambs weren't cited specifically, but they are animals.
Well, I'm going to go now, it's been two minutes.
Are you going to go blog about me?
Sure am!
Oh. That's nice. You blog about me all the times, don't you mama?
Pretty much buddy---you're one of my favorite topics.
I sho am....What's a tawpix?
You. And you're a perfect one. Goodnight my love.
Goodnight sweetheart. Hahahahaha!

I am compelled to add that this conversation, in hushed tones, was set against the background noise of Avee in her bed (in the next "room"--okay, fine, she sleeps in a closet---it's not quite the boy who lives under the stairs scenario---the closet is practically bigger than my kitchen) cooing and hushing her baby. The baby has suddenly become more important than her appendages or food. This girl stuff is INNATE. I put her in her crib and tucked her in like I have hundreds of nights before. Sometimes she sings, sometimes she plays hide and seek, sometimes she plays tag, sometimes she tells jokes and laughs heartily, and sometimes she just lays there quietly and falls asleep. NEVER does she cry or whine or call for "babybabybaby". I got her the baby and she squirmed around her crib fussing and tugging and straightening blankets to tuck her baby in. Seeing those kinds of things make me feel like I'm doing something right. The entire time I was with Benja we heard, "sssth, sssth baby, sssth" and "BAYbeeee...BAYbeeee....ohhhh baby" and then some things that may have been scolding harshly---but I show-ly do not know where that would have come from.
I really need to do something about ending sentences with prepositions. It's like chocolate ice cream at 11 pm. I know it's wrong, I just don't know how not to.

The conversation is priceless...

And the baby taking care of a baby - that has got to be one of my favorite things to watch.

I think the whole preposition rule is overrated - who really talks like that? I don't think anybody has since "For whom the bell tolls..."

"I show-ly do not know from where that would have come." I don't think so!

You show-ly have darling little babies.

I always catch myself ending sentences in prepositional phrases. See, like that. Sometimes I correct it and sometimes not. I wish I knew ALL those little rules but if I did, I'd probably be completely boring as a writer. I mean, as a writer, I'd probably be completely boring.

If you don't watch yourself, you could end up sounding like Yoda.

Your kids are show-ly cute :D
And that Benja is a perfect tawpix, we all ove him here in the Blogtopia.

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