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The Snapshot Meme

Code Yellow Hot Mama tagged me for this meme, created by Jennifer in honor of her daughter’s 8th birthday.

Benja, 3 years and 3 months old

Mom: Come here Benja, let’s do a blog together
Benja: Naaaah, I want to play Seh-fuh-me Street instead
Mom: How about you do a blog with me then I’ll set up Sesame Street on the computer. Do you have to go to the bathroom?
Benja: That’s a great idea! I don’t have to go to the bathroom.
Mom: Then why are you dancing?
Benja: Wait a minute, I have to go to the bathroom.

Then muttering, as he walked to the bathroom he said, “Blogs are just stupid”.

Something I do well – “Ummmmmmm, drinking water. Uhhhhhhh, answering the phone.”

Benja is very good at following directions

Something I'd like to improve on(apparently “improve” and “do better” are foreign concepts to this 3 year old. What? You mean I’m not perfect?)

"What does that fpell? Does ‘improve’ fpell ‘Benja answers the phone like a big boy’? Um, Combing my hair. Playing my lego game on the computer.”

Not hurting his sister for any reason, even if she gets in his way.

My favorite food – “Sausage. That’s it.”

The boy has probably had sausage 2 times in his life. I make a chicken and rice casserole that he complimented probably 5 times during the course of the meal and asked for 3rds. Other than Sprite, I don’t know if there are any other foods he claims as favorite. Or that I’m willing to admit I feed him regularly (yogos, gummy bears, FF chicken nuggets, cookies…)

Three words that best describe me – “Let me sink. Ummm, I’m nuffing. What do you want me to say? I’m a good boy?”

Sweet (I know children in general are sweet, but this kid is sweet in general)


My happiest moment
– “Going on the Thomas train.”

This was 7 months ago. I think this is probably his most accurate answer. Also, there was joy like I had never witnessed before the other night on the phone with Dad. Dad told him about dinner when he’d gone to a Hibachi grill. Benja asked if they did “magic fire” and threw shrimp at him to catch with his mouth. Benja was yelling at the top of his lungs, “Oh YEAH oh YEAH!! That’s AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE THAT PART!!!!!!!!!”

The most important thing in my life now – “Popsickos”

At which point, the mama’s heart broke audibly because her little baby doesn’t say “pot-kah” or “pop-si-bows” anymore.Right now I think the most important thing to Benja is having friends to play with. He’s learning that some kids don’t “like” him and he says it with some sadness but more as a matter of fact like, “His shirt is red.” The most recent not liking of him, involved a neighbor Korean boy who doesn’t speak any English. We’ll have to work on what constitutes “like” and what constitutes “understand English”.

Moms: Were you surprised by any of the answers?
Not too much. I was a little surprised at his lack of understanding the questions, being able to answer them. Not that I think my kid is dumb, obviously---but he’s just not at a self-evaluating place yet. Plus he thinks blogs are stupid.
I'm going to tag Terra Incognita for Birdie and Bee to do and Em, if you want to do it---I think I and Q could rock the mommy meme world....

Which as you all know, is th emost important thing in his life now.

Great job Benja!, see? blogs are not stupid.

Great answers. I loved how you really typed out what and how he said everything.

Hey, I just noticed you tagged me! I'm sorry, I'm in my own world (we gots issues).
I adore your blog. Loved the story of your best friend (made me miss mine, who is right now in Idaho going to Law University and I miss her like crazy).

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