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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast Meal: That would be, peanut butter and jelly and ice water, 3 ice cubes, for the boy and strawberry newtons and Nilla Wafers for the little one. Water, hold the ice, heavy on the North Texas pond scum flavoring.

Breakfast Conversation:
Benja: Mmmmmmm mmm M! M! Mmm mm mmmm mmmmm MMMMMM! Do you know what I just said?
Me: No
Avee: Mmmm MMMMMMMM! Haha hahahahaha!! NOOOOOOO!
B: I said, "The giant is 19 and 13 feet tall"
M: Ohhhhhh. Well, when you don't say the words there's really no way for me to understand what you are saying.
B: Just listen louder. MMMMMMMMMM! Mm, mmm, mmm....M!M!M!M!M! Mmmmmm. See? There I said, "Why hasn't your lord given us minaree".
M: Minaree? What on earth is minaree? Where are you even getting this stuff!?
B: I don't know
A: NOooooooo! hahahahahaha! Tickle, tickle, tickle.... Nooooooooooooo!
M: Eat your....cookies and sandwich, I want to go to the gym so I can be healthy. Red dye #37 for your water before we go?

honey, you might need a break

ROFL at Emily's comment...


So did you ever find out what a "minaree" is? Is it like a manatee? Like, the female version or the smaller version?

And have you tried those Brita water filters? You'll like Vancouver water - it tastes like you've just jumped in the city pool! Mmmmm, chlorine-y.

kids are funny!

I want to eat those babies up.... come see me!

Oooh, I want to know what "minaree" is!
What did you have for breakfast? Newton crumbs?

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