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New job description

Apparently I am also a short order cook.

At dinner,
"Mom, I want you to born me another Avee, but this time make it look like a boy. His name is Clifford."

He's probably the only 3 year old who has seen Avee that doesn't think she looks like a boy.

LOL ... "Make it look like a boy."

Your child is hilarious. I'm glad you're capturing all his cute little sayings while he's so young. You make me wish I'd had a blog back when Brennan was Benja's age.

Ha! Ha!

Wait til he tells everyone at church that he is going to have a brother named Clifford soon. That's way fun.

lol! Keep 'em coming Benja!

Ha ha. Love it that he's all like "His name is", as in "this is a done deal"

See, you chased CYM long enough that you finally caught up! ;)

Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting for you and your family! :)

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