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Something Has Gotta Give

Okay, so I think I have hit an all new low. Or high, depending on your perspective. I dreamt about blogging last night. No, not dreamy images of me floating in front of my computer, happily typing away, interrupted only by the ever inquisitive three year old, "are you blogging about me mama?"

I had full-on, made-up experiences and conversations. During these completely fabricated scenarios, my mind, that was already busy constructing these fabrications, was ALSO busy trying to artfully stream words together in a creative and appealing way so that I could blog about it.

What is that!?

I think I may need to get a life.

But before I leave, and embark on this lofty endeavor of getting a life, you must know---there were Cucumber & Salt flavored chips in my dream. CUCUMBER & SALT. Do you realize how much fun could be had with that----if it had been REAL?

I am left to ask the question I often ask after dreaming such vivid absurdity---where is this coming from? I get the dreaming of blogging---but CUCUMBER & SALT?

I don't know.

OK, if you DARE threaten to quit your blog, I am flying down there on my broom to strangle you.

Sometimes I wake up thinking of things to blog about. Let's just go with it.

Don't give in to that feeling! It will pass! There's something going around in the blogosphere, and everyone is catching it! Hold on, I say! Hold on!
As for the chips...hmmm...I'd rather have hamburger and salt chips.

Did you know TMM had a flying broom? Me either. I woudl have thought it was a Model T or a Roadster. Hmmm. Learn something new about these bloggers every day.

Cucumber slices in vinegar and salt are very yummy. Have you ahd them recently? If you would have dreamed of pickles and ice cream, I would be asking other questions...

I dream of blogging all the time. SLowly reconciling myself to the fact that that IS my life. sigh.

you must be pregnant...
you should invent cucumber and salt chips, and then you'd get rich and you could buy us all houses.
and more blue sand.

I started blogging 1 week ago and it does seem like 2 seperate lives.

My most bizarre dreams comes when I start something new..

THE most bizarre is when I started selling insurance.. I had a dot matrix printer and it made quite a bit of noise when we printed the policies... I was hearing that noise on and on and I have a lineup of clients that I couldn't see the end of. Leave me alone people! Leave me alone!

Dill pickle chips sounds good to me.

Geez Millie, I'm tempted to threaten quitting just to see you on a broom.

Carrot Jello---there IS something going around, being relatively new, I figured it just came with the territory. Hamburger and Salt Chips? You can have that dream!

CYM--I've had your grandma's cucumbers in vinegar and YUUUUUUUUUM.

Epsi, I'll get you a house, but since we're friends, I'll talk you out of blue sand.

David--Thanks for stopping by! I had a Canadian roommate who had dill pickle chips---not sure why that hasn't caught on here. They were yummy. Strange, but yummy.

I want some cucumber and salt chips, and cucumber and vinager and a house and a roadster. Actually just some sleep would suit me fine:)

Once I had a dream that I was arguing on the phone with CYM (ya, really), in my dream all I could see was the big yellow truck, but I ‘knew’ she didn’t really looked like that.

Perhaps we spend way too much time on-line. Our subconscious is trying to tell us something. Although, cucumber slices in vinegar and salt? What’s the meaning of that?. Where you hungry or something?

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