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Conversations around here

Benja: I like the po-poh one!
Friend: I like it too. Say purple.
Benja: Po-poh!
Friend: Perrr-puuuuuul
Benja: Pooooooo-Poh!
Friend: Say, perp.
Benja: Pope
Friend: Hmm. Say, "LLLL!"
Benja: Ohhhhhh!
Friend: Oh never mind, let's just use lellow.

"Fweet! I'm ready for bed, so let's watch Nacho Libre and have some ice cream!"

My first indication that I've been allowing a much too loose interpretation of what bedtime means around here.

4 a.m.
Loud "whisper" from Benja: Mom give me yo awm!
Mom: ughnfntbrmb!
Benja: Mom!
Mom: Wha...?
Benja: Lemme see your watch, I need to know if it's time that I could get up.
Mom: ughnfntbrmb...
Benja: What!?
Mom: There's a clock on the nightstand, look at that one.
Benja: But I don't know how to tell time.

Friend: Oh, I've seen this movie, I loved it. I saw it at the movie bather.
Benja: The movie what!?
Friend: The movie bather.
Benja: Movie Feeeeeeeee-ay-toooooh

I am goin to wait and see what the cool peeps in the WEST have to say about this one before I comment:) But I don't know how to tell time -very funny stuff. It reminds me of J southern friend " J I will never forget the day we met, you bite me and I knew right then we were friends for life"

I'm wiping the tears of my eyes, because I laughed so much. My mascara is all over my face, my nose is runny...thanks Angela :)

Oh never mind, let's just use lellow
Movie Feeeeeeeee-ay-toooooh
Oh man, what a cute guy.

I'd also like to add an autograph from Benja to my order please.

PS. Who are the cool peeps in the West?

PPS. The world needs to read this post. This blog.

LOL, poh-poh... I could eat that kid. So darling. I can't wait to hear him talk in person. :)

I can soooo relate. How totally adorable!

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