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I'm a Pit Bullist, Among Other Things

Call me prejudice, call me judgmental, call me a doggist, call me a moronist, but this statement pretty much sums up my perception of the intellect of people who sell pitt bulls to families with small children, and people with small children who have pitt bulls.

"He didn't chew on anything while he was with me. Out of all of them (in the litter), he was the least chewy."

In this case, it was the dog seller, but it could have just as easily been said by the owners.

I seriously want to find like 53 different scenarios in my own life to use that statement. I mean, we all have something in our own lives that are the least chewy of all, right?

I was in total shock when I read that. Can you imgaine sleeping through it?

and I'm a pitbull-ist, too. At one point, the neighbors across the back yard had three. I'm hoping that animal control removed the last one from my yard for the last time yesterday.

He was just a puppy! He was just trying to nurse! Oh. My. Hell.

My favorite are the people who bring their large dogs to the playground to romp around near strangers' small children.

Once when I was carrying my newborn and a couple bags of groceries and herding my 20 month old toward the door of our apartment a neighbor's German shepherd came barreling toward my oldest. I dropped the groceries and scooped up my other baby and the dog owner said something like, "Oh, she wouldn't hurt anyone. She's big, but she's not mean." Yeah. I was a German Shepherdist with postpartum issues. I don't think I've ever screamed at a neighbor before or since. He did offer to help me carry my groceries in after that, though. And the bread that smooshed when I dropped it was the least chewy, for sure.

You give me bad dreams, you get multiple comments on a post that doesn't even involve your adorable children. :)

D said that there are people trying to adopt the PUPPY because they're concerned that the state is going to put it to sleep. What is wrong with people that a dog takes precedence?

Um and I just keep thinking about the parents - with a one month old, I'm awake about every hour whether the baby is or not, checking to see if he's breathing, for crying out loud - not to mention getting its feet chewed off. I hope the baby finds a loving place to be since her parents are likely too stoned to notice her crying while being gnawed on.

K, I'm done now. :) Oh yeah - the guy with the german shepherd in my other comment didn't have a leash on his huge dog, nor did he put one on after I freaked out. That's what made me the angriest.

My question to the previous owner is, "If this dog didn't chew off the toes, then who did?"

"People like that should be put to sleep."

I hate to use a Weird Al movie quote for a terrible situation like this but sadly, it fits.

There are just some choices people need to make in life. If you're going to insist that the pit bull is a breed of dog that's safe to have around small children, and you absolutely must have one, you should NOT have children.

That poor baby girl. Not only did she have to endure unnecessary pain for who knows how long, but she's disfigured for life. I hope they NEVER get her back.

Off with their heads.

Sorry, stuff like that just makes my head ASPLODE.
I love dogs, but when it comes to babies I just don’t see how people can have a baby and a dog at the same time, puppy or not, specially when it's a breed as unpredictable as a pit bull.

Once I watched this PBS show about people and their pets, these idiots had a baby and a pit bull, the pit bull had "anger issues" so they had the thing on meds...yeah, on meds because it would growl at them, but they wouldn’t get rid of it.

Don’t people do any research? I researched my dog’s breed -and others- for months before I bought him.

Sheesh!!! So so mad.

My kids scream bloody murder because our Chocolate Labrador is crotch level and he likes to put his snout there. Can you imagine how this poor baby screamed and the parents ignored her? I'd be willing to bet money they were laying there in a stoney stupor, too passed out to attend their baby and make sure she didn't become a freaking puppy chew toy.

They should never regain custody. I would take it a step further and only release them from court ordered punishment if they agree to be sterilized.

Yeah what it doesn't say is the parents had to be drunk or stoned to not wake up while their baby was crying. That poor little girl!

I love dogs myself, but I would never have a dog like this. There are just too many cases to list where something snaps inside them.

Rhythmless, all I have to say is quit making fun of my kin.

My older brother breeds and sells pit bulls, as you know. When he first started doing it I was talking to him on the phone about his marketing plan etc... "Okay. Tell me who your target customer is..." "People with small children, or who are about to have small children. We're trying to make a better name for the breed." "Dude, you don't do it that way. Look around. Who buys pit bulls? Wife/girlfriend beating drug dealers. Find some way to come in contact with as many of those guys as possible and sell pit bulls to them." "I would never put a beautiful animal like a pit bull in the hands of a drug dealer." "Sigh."

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