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Like Two Ships Passing In The Night

Mom: Stop squirming, you are driving me mad!
(squirm, squirm, squirm)
Mom: Stop it!
Benja: You stop it!
Mom: Stop what?
Benja: Breathing.
Mom: If I stop breathing I will die.
Benja: You mean like this? (commences breathing through nose with mouth closed)
Mom: Something like that.
Benja: Well, stop breathing on my face.
Mom: If you don't want me breathing on you, move away, this is a big bed, I'm on the edge and you have all that room.
Benja: I don't want to move away, I want our noses to touch. I just want you to stop breathing on my face.

Later after ignoring me for the 573rd time that hour.

Mom: What did I just say!?
Benja: I don't know.
Mom: Come here, right now! I need you to start listening to me, I am really tired of repeating myself all day long. You have two good ears and a very good brain, you need to use them and listen to what I tell you with your ears, remember what I say with your brain, and then do it. Good ears, good brain, okay!?
Benja: And YOU have a great nose!

"mom.. everytime you open your mouth the room gets smeller" I needed that laugh so thanks, something about life just isn't that funny for me right now????


Great noses smell alike. Or something like that. :)

He is one funny kid. With a good brain. Good thing his mom has a good sense of humor.

I KNOW I don't make it any easier to discipline your kid when I'm loudly guffawing, but People! If you could HEAR the way he says it, if you could just SEE his expressions! Oh, the kid just kills me.

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I'm with chess la ress, actually seeing his little face expressions would be da bomb.

I wonder if this Is what you say to yo'self when he asks to sit on your head.
What a cute little guy :)

I'm with Ben. What kind of shoddy mother can't sleep without breathing?

LOL @ "great nose". I'd be interested in knowing his "great nose" criteria.

Kids are brutally honest, but at least they make us smile to make up for it! :)

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