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Fashion sense skips a generation, I'm sure

In high school I had a friend who wouldn't drive down the main drag in town, without applying lipstick. It was the street that got cruised on the weekends, but she insisted on lipstick any day of the week, any hour of the day. She was funny like that.

My mother, won't leave the house without makeup applied. I remember once as a child she realized she had just answered the door and talked to a friend for 10 minutes at the door, without having put on her makeup first. She was horrified. I doubt her friend even noticed.

When I was 14, I had a church leader who was very involved in helping me set and complete goals to improve myself regularly. I adored this woman and would do anything she asked. She asked me to learn a song on the piano that was a good 2 years more advanced than my skills. I worked hard on it. Everyday I practiced it exclusively, for much longer than my mom could ever get me to practice my regular music. After I had mastered the song---my leader arranged for me to accompany the other youth to sing it for the congregation at church.

If you play a musical instrument, you probably know, accompanying a person, or a group is even harder than just performing alone. For me, being aware of their timing and other cues is very difficult. Most people didn't even know I played the piano, so when I got up that Sunday and did a flawless performance, naturally, I was elated. I was thinking of all the praise and accalades I would get, particularly from my mother whom I was returning to sit next to after performing. With a big head, eagerly anticipating even more puffing up, I sat next to my mom. I shifted a little to be able to catch every word of praise I knew she would whisper in my ear. She leaned over and quietly whispered, "I couldn't see your eyebrows at all when you were up front, I think it's time you start using an eyebrow pencil."

You might think I got a real brow beating---but the truth is, my mom is just consistent. She keeps me humble, and makeup is very important to her.

For some reason, that loyalty to makeup did not rub off on me. I wear makeup. Sometimes. I brush my hair even less. I would tell you a change of clothes is even more infrequent, but that would be TMI and, well, I do have some pride. But if we were being totally honest here...

Perhaps then, you can imagine my surprise to have discovered that I have a little 20 month old with an uncanny awareness of such accessorizing and other types of social cues, if you will. I started noticing a few months back that she always seemed to study my face longer and reach up and touch my face or hair if either of them had been done up. I joked that she didn't recognize me "made up". But as she has gotten a little more verbal, the truth has been revealed. She reaches up to my washed, dried, and styled hair and strokes it and says, "niiiiiiiiice mom-ay". The other day when I had lipstick on she stared inquisitively for quite some time and then offered an accepting, "oh cool!"

She has been obsessed with shoes since I bought her first pair about a year ago. She recently has become very aware of them being in pairs, and while I will frequently just throw two mismatched shoes on her feet to toddle around the house in, she now will have nothing to do with such an assault on her fashion sense.

So naturally, when she wants to go outside, accessories are first and foremost to make her entrance into the public eye acceptable.

Nevermind the mid-drift t-shirt and the size 3-6 month pajama shorts in the 40 degree weather. She has her sunglasses on, and that is enough.

The way I see it though, as long as you still find yogurt a suitable hair product and diapers are a part of every ensemble, fashion or no, my sense is still superior.

She looks so beautiful in pink. And she knows it.
She has such an Avee personality!
My fav Avee's fashion statements are this one, this one and this.

I covet her sunglasses.

I think we should adopt the saying, "You look totally Avee today" and use it whenever we see someone impeccably dressed. In fact, I'm going to start calling NCS "Avee" because she always looks so good.

I'm hoping Roz will adopt the fashion thing because heaven knows, it skipped over me AND Bella. Roz already seems like more of a girly girl.

Yes, as long as you're not wearing diapers, you are in the position of power. Remember that, now.

What a cutie!! I loved the pictures NCS shared as well. I don't know what to do with three girls! I once went on a date with my hubby (after we were married of course) and got home and realized that I had forgotten to put on makeup, oh the horror! He didn't even notice.

I really believe there are some people who just don't need make up, they are naturally beautiful.
I, on the other hand, need all the help I can get.

PS: I could totally see your eyebrows, mmmmmkay?

I don't wear makeup all the time either. While growing up, I was obsessed. I even wore it while camping with my family (the pictures look totally ridiculous now). After I got married, my hubby tried to convince me that I looked fine without makeup. Finally, we went out on a date and I didn't wear any. I felt naked! But I got used to not having it on. Most days now I'll only wear it to church or it I'm out and about.

Avee is so darling! I loved how she said "oh cool". My son says that and he sticks his thumbs up at the same time! Aren't kids precious!?! :)

Linking Goddess--er, I mean NCS--I love the pictures. I mean, I took them, they're my kid, but I love that you put them in my comments. I thought to put a couple of other "fashion statements" in the blog, but I'm just not as cool as you. And I only thought of ONE of those pictures. I had forgotten about the hairbrush incident. Too funny.

Millie--I have to remind myself everyday "you are in charge, you can form complete sentences, you have almost complete control of your bodily functions" because I think Avee is very convincing otherwise. Roz is a cutie, one fashion advantage she has already is that lucious head of hair.

Amanda--THREE GIRLS! Yeah, I'd be self-medicating with chocolate everyday. I know they aren't all handfuls, but those moods, those emotions, all flying about one house...
Exactly my point about your husband not noticing. Mine rarely does, and I figure, why bother?

NCS II---Um, some mistakes I only have to make once. I totally add color to my blonde brows. Of course, since you think I'm blonde, maybe I can stop and just go all uniform blonde. I may have to start a rule with you similar to the skinny people who talk about being fat rule. Naturally cute people should be shot. Er, I mean, not pretend they "need help". I know a person who needs help when I see one (apparently my mom does too) and you are not one of them.

Suzanne---hmm, we have much in common, alma maters, my name was once Suzanne (f'real), and I used to be a makeup wearing foo' 24 hours a day. Makeup while camping is funny---nice that you have pictures to always remind you of your teenage mentality.
Cute about your son---maybe I can get Avee to add the thumbs---that's adorable.

Your name was once Suzanne? I missed that story.

Amen on cute people who pretend to be ugly. Let's hold her down and make her eat Oreos.

NCS- you forgot the toilet pic, my fav! ( the dictionary just said toilet means "dressing and grooming oneself" as well as the obvious other I might add) DWR- I guess I had better watch out the older sis has one of these and now you, I had better get a job soon. And not that you implide such but the lady with 35 shades of PINK lipsticks and 8 closets of clothes still has little to no vanity. She just wants us all to look our best:)even strangers.

35 shades of pink lipstick, 8 closets of clothes and no vanity. that is so true. classic, classic.

my boys notice my clothes and sometimes say, "niiice!" but when I put lipstick on, Henry is truly bothered by it: "Why you got dat stuss on yous lips, mom?"

I have two glamour, don't-leave-home-unless-fully-done-up sisters (6 foot blondes, I might add) and somehow I grew up with a total, "pretty, shmetty" attitude. Don't know how it skipped me. I think it's because I'm not a 6 foot blonde.

So precious that someone so tiny as Avee can totally pick up on it and work it like that!

Hey, you've been tagged. No pressure - you don't have to if you don't want to. :) By the way, you look stunning this morning.

She is a cutie! How funny that she's got that little bit of "Grandma" in her that way.

And, you aren't supposed to used yogurt in your hair? DANG it! I mean, ummm, I would never do something like that, even at such a young and impressionable age. (PS: Avee have you tried Go-gurts? Stylin!)

So many foods/style products, so little time. Pancake syrup is a favorite of my almost 16 month old who loves shoes and knows just how pretty she is! I hate makeup and haven't worn any more than lip gloss since my wedding reception, 6 1/2 years ago!

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