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Just see how good of a title you can come up with for this

When thoughts like, "what kind of genuis do you have to be to know how to make a right turn on red?" and "Man, how did THIS chic get a record deal, she sounds like a mating whale" and "if I have to look at one more kid I'm gonna puke" are all that are swimming through my head, I feel it is best to refrain from posting on my blog. It might turn into some sort of hit list for all the annoying people, songs, and other inanimate objects in my life. I don't need to be immortalized like that, right?

I'll be back when my cheery disposition returns. And to the fetcher who stole it, I'm coming for you...

Just so's you don't think I've lost my mind, here are a few things in which I do find happiness:

---Not going into my 10 month of pregnancy like my sister. See, that's not even really nice.
---Chocolate. That is a complete sentence.
---Being in my second trimester and having no more nausea. I love you month 4.
---The way my Mexi-American friend says the word "chubby".
---Hearing Benja call contact lenses "Eye-tacks".
---Avee's dancing. It involves an inordinant amount of the shoulder shrugging motion.
---My husband who makes me feel smart and worthwhile even if my daily vocabulary sometimes doesn't exceed about 50 different words, half of them involving "get your hand out of..." and the citing of various orifices. Or stupid questions I know the answer to like, "why do you have to try and sit on my head every time I sit on this couch?" and I definitely suffer from a brain cell hostage situation. My brain appears to have a "we do not negotiate" approach.
---Friends who pinch hit for me even when I ask them grouchily.
---Memories of good hair days.
---Coupons for free oil changes.
---Return Flights.

I'll be back when the sun comes out ta-maw-oh. Betcho bottom's dolloh.


Just bask in Month 4, That a girl.

And don't be afraid to use real swear words. Just not around the 3 year old. :)

The only caption I could think of is
"Blowing Chunks!"

As Bono says,"Some days are better than others..."

If you're feeling up to it, come here for directions for a "Early Reading" Meme. :)

"goin into tenth month" I OWN THE TENTH month!!

"The One where Angela needs a 10 hour nap" or
"The One where Angela raspberries inanimate objects"

Sorry but the "can I sit on your head?" is a memory I shall treasure fo-evah.
Can you be a grouch? really? I'm asking Ben, he'll tell me the truth.

PS. I'm just glad you haven't lost your mind.

good plan to step back. I just blogged through the pissy stage. It wasn't pretty.

"NO! KWY!" and "STUPID FRIEND!" are my current favorites...

T-"that a girl" made me laugh out loud. I can't be stifled with limitations like, "not in front of the 3-year-old" :)

Suzanne--a girl with a plan---just enough of a distraction for me. I'm afraid you've put my own stellar memory to shame with your meme though. I'm impressed!

S-You own it, you're right. Never argue with a lady who is going into her 10th---er, who owns the 10th month of pregnancy.

NCS-ooooooh, I was SO tempted to change it to "The One Where I raspberry inanimate objects" It took me a second to get, I forgot I had sort of "called" for a better title. If I ever need a witness to testify that I DO in fact have to tell my children, MORE than once, to stop sitting on my head, I'm calling you.

Valarie--LOL! Blogging through is probably therapuetic. I probably make enough enemies with just talking through it. I'll spare the blog world.

Chess--I'm glad I have it in writing that my efforts of curbing my children's tendency to say rude things is thwarted completely by you thinking it's funny. Now if I can just get in writing how you burst out laughing everytime Ben mutters "Stupid friend" then I'd have it all. I have to agree though, Avery telling people 2-4 times her size to be quiet is hilarious.

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