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Twisted Something

I know I have only lived on this earth three short decades. And I know that such phrases shouldn't be used until you are at least over 60---but I really do feel confident in saying this with complete certainty.

I have seen it all.

Last night on Leno, which I never watch, the musical performers were Twisted Sister. I don't know if I've ever actually seen them before. I certainly haven't heard the name in a long time. Yeah so, I saw Twisted Sister. Big deal you say?

I'm not done.

They were singing O Come All Ye Faithful. I was writhing in fits of hysterical laughter that I had to keep down because it was past 11 pm and hearty guffaws aren't acceptable that late at night.

Screaming into the microphone while intermittently wagging his tongue at it and dancing with the mic stand like he and it were the last two objects on this earth, he was saying things like, "All Hail! Lord, we greet Thee..." and "Thy name adored..."

I kept staring at the lead singer, he seemed so familiar. Where did I know him from? Why did he seem so familiar? I was sure I had never seen him perform before.

Halfway through the last refrain of his screaming pleas to come let us adore Him, I realized why he seemd so familiar. Mr. Dee Snider and his bizarre ensemble of "clothing" and face eyelids plastered with blue eye shadow was the potential me, and all of my friends, had we not been redeemed by the more somber, overalls, levis, and nuetral colored eye shadow wearing 90's.

And to think that look is coming back.

I don't watch Leno either, but I may have been willing to see Twisted Sister singing a Christmas song. I am going to try to find it on the internet because it sounds hilarious.

I am also glad that the 90's saved us all.

WOW. That's just not right.

Wow- he's as repulsive now as he was way back then. And "tongue moves" do not belong in a Christmas song. Ever.

For those of you who missed it, here is the here. So, so wrong! what in the world? Who listens to TS anyway?

May I just add "eeeewwww, GROSS!!"

Oh my gosh, NCS, thank you for the link. I am sitting at the computer literally in tears. I canNOT stop laughing, it's even funnier the next time around.

That otta get the baby out. Welcome to earth third rock from the sun:)

If I were S, at this point, I'd be chalking the whole thing up to gas and taking back the baby clothes...


S said... That outta get the baby out.
Ok, see, that's the wrong way to go about this, that baby DOES NOT want to see that any more that any adult should see that.
I'm waiting S, waiting for that baby!

Angela: The thought of you and I watching that silly video together made me laugh 'til...well, let's just say I had had a lot of coca-cola and had to make a run for it.

You know, it bothers the heck out of me that you would all judge Dee so harshly. Who among us hasn't trotted out this particular look at Christmastime and yelled hymns about Christ's birth at the top of our lungs?

What's wrong with you people?

i saw the very last second of that show when, after the Twisted Sister performance, Jay Leno said, "and now, Christmas is officially cancelled." Yikes. They are scary men.

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