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A Public Apology To Her Father

There is a proverb of sorts that says, "When the cat's away, the mice shall play." I was always offended by such a suggestion because the phrase was usually directed toward me as the playing mouse. I never!

But I have to confess. I live by that saying almost religiously. My poor husband doesn't know what a cat he is and what a mouse he has on his hands. I really try hard, but what with Wal-Mart so close, and those long lonely nights with him in Boston, me in Texas...

So, my apology is two-fold:

For the $15 I spent that absolutely, postively DID NOT need to be spent.

And for the revelation made tonight in just what we have on our hands with our little Avee. I have never seen a 20 month old child's eyes light up and body tremble with glee at the sight of apparel. I have never seen a teency toddler strut through the shoe aisle, or anywhere, for that matter. I have never seen a child so young, so innocent, stop and pose for passers-by. She actually didn't "stop and pose" she stood in the way of carts and insisted her boots be admired.

I have seen those people on television shows or in movies who are obsessed with shoes and have a zillion pairs and live to shop for shoes. I didn't know those people ACTUALLY existed. And that it could be determined at such an early age. And that I would actually give birth to one of them.

As you can see in the last photo, she discovers the boots are not real leather, and it gets ugly.

A tip: tell him they are Matrix boots.

Ha! The budding fashionista! I can't wait until you start helping her with her eyebrows! ;)

You are in trouble! (And not just with Dad!) Can you imagine age sixteen?

Too funny and too adorable.

I do hope that Walmart is not really selling little tiny boots for $151. Because I'm not OK with that.

Dahling Avee ~ you look simply divine in your new footware. Simply Gorgeous!

LOL! How sweet! You're going to have so many good stories to tell Avee about what she did growing up. Plus, you'll have these pictures to prove it! ;)

Those boots are so cute! Avee looks great in them, obviously she had to show them off in the store.

I agree with Traci, you are in big trouble.

Go Avee.. a girl after my own heart.. and yeah.. I would throw a fit over the non leather part too!! :) Okay maybe not!!

And so it begins.

I have never seen a 20 month old child's eyes light up and body tremble with glee at the sight of apparel HA! indeed.
My Fashionista calls her stuff "my baby", and she'll say things like "I fell in love with my baby (shoes, shirt, gadgets) as soon as I saw it".
Good luck J!

smart redheads fawning ...
smart redheads fawning ...
smart redheads fawning ...

Ohhhh, I LOVE them. And they are sooooo worth it!

And while my cat is always this week, I'm taking the kids in for Christmas pictures tomorrow (something he is adamently against). Merry Christmas, Dear. :-)

I was ok until this.....
"As you can see in the last photo, she discovers the boots are not real leather, and it gets ugly." CHIPS all over the computer! I think you should think twice before you let cute british blonds in your house for months:)_

Avee is right. Those boots need to be adored. I'd probably buy them myself if I had a daughter and shopped at Wal-Mart.

I shoplift at Wal-Mart. Does that count?

They are cute boots and I find myself coveting them for Miss Ross. Heaven knows she needs more footwear (not).

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