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I got a camera today. And not a moment too soon.

Tonight there was a warm chocolate chip cookie waiting on the table for Benja when he had changed out of his clothes and put on his pajamas. He generally dresses himself, so it's not that big of a deal, but pajamas can be tricky, with all that flame retardant, close fitting material and whatnot. I LOVE to say flame retardant, I think the phrase should be used much more in our culture.

Benja was in his pajamas in no time and I walked past him just minutes later sitting at the table enjoying his cookie. I noticed in passing that he put the pajama top on backward. I didn't think twice about it because I really don't think that stuff matters when you are three. And going to bed. The irony of it was almost missed on me. I said, "Oh Benja, you put your pajamas on by yourself, you are so smart!" and I hear my SIL say, "he surely is gifted" so I did a double-take which made me laugh very hard.

See? Nothing wrong.

Wearing things a little backwards when you are three really isn't that big of a deal.

Unless there are three adults in your house who are ready to pounce on any opportunity to laugh heartily at your expense.

J sweetly tried to explain to Benja why we were laughing. He only got out, "See, it's funny because your shirt says 'gifted' and..." I cut him off from telling our 3 year old we were laughing at him not with him.

But Benja let out a hearty laugh of his own and gleefully hollered, "Yeah, it's so funny because I'm NOT SMART!!"

Then I got mad.

Don't nobody say that about my baby genius.

You forgot to tell them that when I pulled the cookies out of the oven, Benja stopped watching Fpidoman Versus Venom long enough to say, with a twinkly child-star voice: "What is that BEAUTIFUL fmell? Is that COOKIES?" He is a genius, see? Or just the child of a pregnant chocoholic with an excellent sniffer.

I am thrilled to death that you finally have a camera. I was so excited when I read your comment on NCS' blog. I jumped for joy, I... wept. I wet myself and had to run and change. I baked cookies for a neighbor.

That kid of yours is super cute and the "gifted" thing is hilarious. I love his red hair with the jammies - very coordinated.

YES! Pictures!
Gifted pictures to be exact.

I find it amazing that Ben has such a grasp on abstract thought like he does.

ChessLR:"Fpidoman Versus Venom" is the best story ever, I'm glad he had time to stop and smell the cookies.

PS. I'd like to apologize for my friend Millie, ever since the whole Ewe/turd sweater "accident" she's been acting...well, different.

LOL! That picture is priceless! I'm with you on not wanting people to say things about my kids. I can make fun of my kid all I want, but as soon as someone else does, they're in big trouble!

Glad to see pictures again! :)

She's just jealous that her sheep aren't as fluffy as mine.

She's just jealous that her sheep aren't as fluffy as mine.
Sorry you guys had to read re-read this.
What she's not telling you is that the sheep told her to write that.
Sad, so sad.

Her sheep told me to write that. They're very honest sheep.

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