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She Did It! She Really, Really Did It!

S had her baby on December 20th. And what a baby she had!!
Rebekah Elaine, just a mere 9 lbs, 14 oz. Sara says, "It was 14 point something she wasn't even just 14 ounces. Well uh, I think that's what happens when you gestate for an entire year.

A couple of points of interest: All I have ever wanted is a child with cheeks and hair. I don't get the cheeks and have to wait 2 years for the hair. Clearly, my sister hogged all of THOSE genes. Secondly, when I opened the email this morning, I noticed that just before the attached pictures that the new daddy sent it read: Attachments 101 It caught my eye and I just figured that was a program Gmail or he had used to send the pictures. No. In fact, there were, 101 pictures sent. That's just how a new dad should be. Don't you think?

One of the first things Sara said to me when the baby was born was "My baby has cleavage!" Then I saw the pictures.

Here are a few for you:

The proof

Brother and sister, getting acquainted. Big J turned 13 two days before.

What a cute lil' delivery. Must have been some really cool people who sent this!

As you can probably imagine, when I saw this picture, it was very hard for me not to grab the entire monitor and try to eat it whole. This little picture of princess chub chubbiness in all her chub glory---the headband, the chins, the gown, those cheeks of nearly impossible perfection...
I don't know about y'all, but my newborns didn't look at the camera and practically pose when they were 1 day old.

How sweet! Your new niece is adorable! I can't believe that 101 pictures would actually make it through e-mail. I think my free e-mail account would say "No way, no how!"

Merry Christmas! :D

Congratulations S! She is darling.

101 pics!
Congrats S! see, I told you, all that waiting was worth it, she's a beauty.
Chubby :D

What a sweetheart, and I love her little dress! I could just eat those cheeks!

Tell S she picked a good name. I approve. :)

She's so adorable!!

I was wondering about that cleavege before I started reading.
Her dress is so pretty.

Congrats 2 u!

Infantile cleaveage - that is AWESOME! And those cheeks are edible.

And S, you are awesome - I was feeling smug at delivering a 9 pound 11 ouncer, but I bow to you.

oh, and Auntie A, I like you, too. And your blog. :)Sorry you don't get no cheeks. But all you gotta do is hold out til your due date or later. It's that easy.

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