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Last Year and Whatnot

Some people are sooooooooo whiney....

My friend Millie did a post the other day back, which she got from someone else. It's the first line from your first post of each month in the last year, to summarize your year. After reading her lines, I thought it was just a great idea I'd like to imitate. Then I read my first lines and thought it was a stupid idea because my first lines don't make me sound as interesting as hers.

I'm doing it anyway. And I'm taking some liberties, as did she. I'll use a couple lines or more. Because apparently I have trouble getting to the point.

I didn't start blogging until the end of March. I don't think I knew anything about blogs before February. I had a completely different blog for several months, and having to switch blogs was a really sad experience for me. If that doesn't tell you something about the richness of my life...
So, from both blogs: An*els In My Re*rview and the new, more secrety Dancing Without Rhythm. I would like to take credit for single-handedly improving all friend's, acquaintances and a handful of blog reader's spelling of the word "rhythm". You're welcome.

March---One of Jay's favorite movie lines to quote is from the little neighbor boy in "The Incredibles" when Bob sort of snarls at him gawking in the driveway "Well, what are you waiting for!?" and the boy replies, "I dunno, something amazing I guess!"
My first post about waiting for something amazing to write about. Clearly, I have gotten over THAT insecurity.

April--- So, I got this in an email from my mom: "I tried to 'educate' myself and looked up 'blog' in the dictionary.....not there" and " I didn't know what a 'blog' was......I've read one now, but, could you also clarify where they go, and what it means, etc". You're never too old to get good advice from your mom, right?

May-- Benja sincerely loves the maintenance men.

June--I've been thinking a lot about the aging process. I'm 30. My age has almost become meaningless to me.
An insightful and introspective view on age, I am happy to look back and learn I DID have thoughts beyond "how long does chicken stay good in the refrigerator", etc. However, my favorite line from that post was:
“And although it hasn't been openly discussed, I'm sure that soon both Jay and I will be coup d'état-ed because Avery's just about one inch and a couple of gutteral consonant sounds away from putting us out on our weak, sorry, permissive, non-authoritarian-enough batooties. I can see it in her eyes”
The wisdom in that prediction astounds me.

July-- I think I might have forgotten a little of why I started blogging in the first place.

--There really should be a law against web-illiterate people trying to pretend they know html. Because what I've been doing for the last 2 hours should be illegal.

September--Leave it to a smelly topic like poop to break my silence.
Now, I hyperlinked this sentence because I had forgotten about the entire post and was FASCINATED by the first few paragraphs. I mean REALLY. Read it. Do the math. I was 7 days past the point of no return.

October--Are there certain phrases or words you use or know, and can remember exactly where you first learned them?

November--It's as though we didn't even celebrate Halloween. Well, we didn't. It takes a lot to get us to celebrate around here, but we DID go trunk-or-treating and trick-or-treating. I had the delightful pleasure of "following" behind a lady who "crashed" the church trunk-or-treat she-bang, let's see if I can get anymore hyphenated words in-here. There. Anyway, she kept saying "Trink-or-treat!" and I laughed every single time. Mature? No, I'm not.

December--So, a couple of months ago it was my friend’s birthday. You all know her as Code Yellow Mom. I met her in a time and a place when the word “mom” belonged to someone else, and blogging was something you did in the bathroom and didn't talk about.

It's a new year! I'm looking forward to what this year brings. I think I'll learn yet again, I don't know everything. Really, I have a lot of evidence to the contrary, but I do seem to be learning that lesson over and over. Baby #1 and Baby #3 are my most vivid examples of that lesson. Both of them came a year early.

Right now, I'm coping with a 21 month old who looks today like she came out the losing end of a bar fight. I'd post a picture so you could see I'm not exaggerating, but I have no camera. She as a 6 day old bruise from a fight with an ottoman and then a cut/bruise on her eye just below it from a race with a closing door, in which she lost. For the first time. I think the 4X's too big dinasour boots she was wearing were a hinderance. She'll do better next time. Those battle injuries combined with staining blue frosting around her mouth, make her a lovely sight.

And the 3 and a half year old is going through some sort of toddler-preschooler puberty that is WAY more than I am equipped to deal with. Psychology and Human Development degree notwithstanding. Simple requests like, "please watch what you're doing when you go to the bathroom, we don't need a trail all over the bathroom" is met with wails of epic proportions and don't EVEN get him started on putting shoes away or wearing a coat before he can go outside.

Anyone who knows some tricks for dealing with the latter, send 'em my way. I'm desperate.

I'm taking some liberties, you mean cheating.

Love reading the vintage stuff, look at you, look how far you have come...ok, I'm just making lal that up. It's so funny that I didn't really know you until you moved to "withoutrhythm", Millie really liked you in Ang3ls, I started reading you, then we had the whole moving thing.

it's fun to remember isn't? my 1 year anniversary post won’t be anywhere near as interesting at all. Honestly.

Man, I wish you had a camera, we could see your U-sweaters and Avee's fight scars.
:( I miss seeing pics of Avee and Ben.

2nd WV = huhubuzx

Yeah, so I'm whiny - but I got you to post again, didn't I. Or maybe you were going to do it anyway and I'm just taking the credit.

Loved the year in review - I miss seeing you at "Angels" but yeah, it was worth moving. It's still you, so what's different? I guess it was that first flush of blog romance.

Hope your camera-less days end soon, so we can start seeing the peeing-everywhere Ben and beat-up-all-the-time Avery. It would be fun to see you, too. :) With or without your U-sweater.

Funny I remember the last year totally different. The phone tree "did you read the new message posted on A blog", "she is so erma Bombeck",constantly wiping food off computer screen and keyboards, aching to just hold avee, and benja, checking the computer first thing in the morning and last thing at night, frustration of "why isn't she posting....doesn't she know we hang on her every word....our lives need her like H2O"
Ready for a new year BRING IT ON:) and keep adding my "precious" she needs her public to know her early on.

I'm sad to report that bathroom "issues" and trying to gets kids to put away shoes and put on coats doesn't get much better as the kids get older. I'm just warning you now so you won't feel bad when you have to put it in your year review next year! ;)

It has been fun getting to know you better! :)

Thanks for reminding me of some of the highlights from this last year of blogging. The blog from September was definately one of my favorites. The irony made it even better!

And just so you know, I did so clicked on your link. So there.

I still remember (with my super powerful memory skills) that "I can make an entire room swoon by my presence", which is true.

I would have posted sooner, but I was in shock over the fact that you blogged. Admittedly, you cut and pasted from several of your other blogs, but it is a start :)

Oh, and the fits of despair and anger over putting the shoes in the closet just turn into fits of despair and anger over putting the book bag in their room!

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