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I Have A Few Thoughts On This Matter

I haven't seen any pictures of Her Royal Round Rebekah since she was born. I got an email from my sister this morning with three words and a picture:
"Blog this baby"

I have a few things to say in response. And since this is my blog, I will show no shame in making this ALL ABOUT ME.

S, we can't be friends anymore. For so many reasons. But I'll give you just a few of the most trivial and pressing.

I have to wait at LEAST 3 months, and even that's subject to opinion, before my children actually start looking human and less like a George Lucas creation.

I give you, exhibits A and B:

This 3 week old cuteness you are sending my way is not fair.

Secondly, I am the redhead. I am the one who had to suffer through a childhood of red hair and incessant comments and promises that someday I'd like it, and carrot top, all the while you got to flounce through life with beautiful brunette hair with just the right amount of reddish highlights, but no amount of teasing or gawking. ME I tell you, ME. So WHY in tarnation do YOU get the little auburn haired beauty!?!?! Is there no justice? I have lived my entire life as a humble, sweet, long-suffering redhead, and not only am I supposedly not even a redhead anymore (see #5 and paragraph 2), your little preshy makes my little preshies look like washed up Loreal #39, impersonators.

Thirdly, you aren't the boss of me.

But I blogged it anyway because there are only so many things I can do to alleviate the ache in my heart to have my arms around that little pumpkin, of pie edibility.

That is all.

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HA HA HA! Who is laughing now y’all?

Anyway, “have lived my entire life as a humble, sweet, long-suffering redhead”. Ok, I'll tell you what, next time I see you, just wear a red wig, then I'll blog about it and say what a sweet, long suffering red head you are.

Those pictures are beautiful! all of them, awwww, looks at all the babies :D

I believe that if you added exhibit A and B together you might come close to her Royal Roundness!

S - congratulations! She is about as cute as can be!

Ahhh, but does her royal roundness have faith in fspidohman? I think not.

There are not too many things that would make me wish to go to 40 plus weeks, but producing a sweet round thing that will stick her tongue out at Aunt Angela at the ripe old age of three weeks would be one of them. Darling, round sassy auburn beauties come to those who actually wait until their due date.

But wait. Angela, your babies are delightfully cute, too. And edible. And smart. And I really liked seeing baby photos of them. They are growing so fast...! And this is the first time I can really, REALLY see how much Ben and Aves look like each other. Wow!

"You're not the boss of me." He, he, he. Angela, we're all the boss of you. It's gotta be that longsuffering bit. And our brunettish bossiness.

Oh my goodness, I haven't laughed like that in a long time....thanks NCS! No really I didn't mean to start this, it was all about the tongue which was an issue the last post.
I must clarify she was TEN days old in that picture...I guess that doesn't help my case?
And I don't want to hear it I had to have a baby just cuz yours are so darn cute (I realize how foolish that was about 1am Dec20th) and the end results is a darn REDHEAD. You know how I feel about that:) Great post thanks for the laugh

All three babies are beautiful, but the tongue picture - that is classic. She is all lady.

Those pictures are too cute. But why? Why is there in the third picture a baby TANNER than me??? That is just not fair.

ANyway, 'Your not the boss of me' made me laugh. It makes me imagine you two grown women having a little cat fight like ickle sistas.

Hey I just realized that Benja is wearing my legs! AND if I am looking that close it is TIME to post:)

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