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My Little Sunbeam

I've tried hard not to let it happen. But when my 3 year old graduated from the "baby" nursery to the children's Primary at church, I got choked up. It was his first big transition since he outgrew his adorable Children's Place outfit when he was 10 months old. Oh wait, I mean, since he stopped being our only child at 22 months when Avee was born. Yeah, that's right. I cried then too.

Well, today I had to sneak in, and be one of those obnoxious moms who thinks the world revolves around her baby, and watch him for the first time in his new environment. He was calmly taking everything in, but he was a little awestruck as well. He sat quietly in his chair and I felt like he participated quite appropriately with brilliant answers. The lady leading the group didn't necessarily concur. But I do understand, he's MY preshy---not her's.

So, probably the highlight of what I did get to hear Benja participate in was him testifying of his faith in Spiderman. As the lady taught that faith is believing in something you haven't seen, but know exists, he hollered out, "Like Spidoman! But...I've seen Spiderman." So, perhaps it was a faith testimony retracted.

Later she spoke of the Holy Ghost and what it does for us. Benja and I have had lengthy, and somewhat frustrating (for me) conversations about the Holy Ghost. He'd like nothing more than for the Holy Ghost to be a superhero and while there may be some similarities, I don't feel I can in good conscience send him into his Primary class espousing such "truths". But some things I just. can't. control. As the lady asked what the Holy Ghost does for us, my brilliant theologian offered, "he can help us when we're hurt!" I beamed with pride but nobody really heard him. In a much louder voice he yelled, "And the Holy Ghost can FLY!" Of course, everyone heard that.

My kid's not the one running circles around his teacher or tipping in his chair or picking his nose, yet. It's so hard for me to know exactly how he'll be when he's really only ever been with me.

He is however, the one testifying of Superheros and introducing "strange" doctrine to his fellow three year old classmates. He's also the one who recited the first article of faith word for word his first day in primary. I'm really not bragging, I'm just saying....

Sounds like Ben's ready for Primary - but is Primary ready for Ben? Faith in Fpidoman?

And I don't know what ward you're going to, but since when do the Sunbeams wear pope hats at church?

We had 95 Sunbeams today and thankfully, my youngest was not among them, or I probably would've been a sobbing mess on the floor. She's the last of the Nursery experience.

Your little boy sounds like a lot of fun! He's listening and participating.. what a cutie!

He has a strong Fpidohman testimony.
I'm with Millie, I saw the pope hat and wondered. I guess we'll never know. It also made me think of the FedEx Pope from Conan O'Brien (wears a bathrobe and a FedEx delivery box on his head), and then I laughed, I laughed so hard.

Wouldn’t be fun if his teacher had a blog and she wrote about all the cute things he says?
Well, *I* thought it'd de fun.

Is the pope hat painful? The expression on his cute face is one of pain.

Your kid is the cutest Sunbeam ever!!!

Call me sacriligious, but I'm good with the whole superhero/Holy Ghost thing, but then I've been worn down after 3 boys. So my opinion may just be yet one more reflection of my "just get through the day" philosophy of parenting.

So is that the Green Goblin's hat he's wearing there?

Millie--95 Sunbeams? Did you count them? I never noticed the Pope's hat thing but laughed really hard when you pointed it out.

Mel--Thanks. Your comment actually made me really happy, I mean, he IS paying attention, right?

NCS--Don't you know blogging is for wild girls? But it would be funny.

Alicia---I thought the look was pained as well. But, I've been around the block, that is either his menacing superhero look or a smile. Go figure.

Sketchy--LOL! 3 boys would easily give me the "just get through the day" philosophy. Actually, I might already have adopted it. I laughed out loud that you're good with the superhero/HG thing and the direct correlation to having 3 boys. I think there's definitely a connection. I honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal, but I know the general public might not be as open minded as you and I. :)

I did count them, and they're more numerous than the rest of our Primary. No wonder the nursery leaders started drinking last fall.

Millie should be talking, she's the one who got them started with the drinking in the first place (she began in the Spring), oh how soon we forget.

Now watch, she’ll come back and call me Beer Girl or something, but she knows that beer was for my hair.

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