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Them's the facts

Tonight I cried watching Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Benja calls jawbreaker candy "workjobs" even after I correct him repeatedly.

I hate unloading the dishwasher.

I really really wish Benson and Stabler would kiss.

I haven't enjoyed any of the last 15-20 movies I have seen.

My 21 month old already knows how to manipulate situations based on nonverbal cues and basic human behavior. This scares me immensely.

I dreamt last night about my mother-in-law breaking up a high school fight in a girls bathroom and later getting a scathing, illiterate letter from the father of the instigator.

Some days caller ID is my best friend. If I've not answered when you have called, I swear I wasn't home.

I attended 3 days of law school when I had just turned 26.

Benja told me "well, I still love you" after I made him stop trying to play a game with me at naptime.

He says "well" at the beginning of sentences the same way his grandma does.

J washes the bottom of his feet when he showers, I didn't know people did this.

Avee insists on the bottom of her feet being washed before I remove her from the bathtub. She couldn't care less about the rice in her hair, syrup on her elbows, dirt on her shins, and snot on her face.

I often forget I'm pregnant until I try to pick up the 378 pound 2-year-old I babysit. Or clean the toilet. Or listen to conversations about cremation at lunch.

I love Japanese food.

We are not going to find out the sex of our third child before birth. Despite the immense peer pressure I have received.

I did NOT like the movie Happy Feet. If you did, I'd like to know why.

I want to blog about Donald Trump to get my ratings up. He does that for people you know.

I think Donald Trump should get a hobby.

Neither J nor I have ever watched an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition without getting choked up.

I feel utterly unprepared to be the mother of 3 children.

When I went to get Avee out of her bed this morning she yelled, "Yay Mommy!" as soon as she saw me.

Tonight I played dogpile with 5 little boys and Avee and halfway through remembered I'm nearly 5 months pregnant and probably shouldn't.

This post is a pathetic attempt at being consistent. You're welcome.

Well, it is because Dog, The Bounty Hunter (capital letters are de rigeur) is a very Christian man. I've never seen anyone else who can say a prayer like, "Lord, bless us to catch this (#$#!!. Amen," and not crack a funny face. Also there are such interesting characters with great names like Beth, Dwayne-Lee and Baby-Lisa. And don't get me started on the acting. Dog, the Bounty Hunter may have passed Sylvester Stallone as the quintessential thespian.

It honestly is one of the most compelling things on television.

Also, I can't believe you DON'T wash your feet. Do you know where they have been?

Eeeewww, you don't wash your feet? How funny. No, I did not like "Happy Feet" either. I really tried to but it was just strange and nothing like I expected. No more dogpile or lifting heavy children that are not your own. And I'm sorry you're getting pressure about gender. I just really need to know! ;) Hee hee.

I am postin just cuz NCS hasn't yet! As mom would say, "get that drag out of your voice you have SO so so many blessings" its amazing. IF I remember correctly I was at your house five months prego and didn't come close to feelin like a dogpile so live it up thats fun stuff. Three kids and J is better then law school any day at any age:)and might I add nursing school too. Have three pints of B@J and call me at noon:)

ps don't clean the toilet.....take the prego pass while you can:)

Ouch! Since we are both feeling sorry for ourselves, I think we should have a pity party and invite B&J over. I can be there in 12 hours!

BTW - I am going to insist that you wash your feet before the party starts!

What a fun and random post!

I also get choked up watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

I haven't seen Happy Feet, but I heard that it was kind of politically charged so I probably won't.

Isn't it great when our kids are happy to see us? It makes my day! :)

:( Not fair, I came to your blog last night, re-laughed with Ben's pope hat, re-read that post...when did you post this? how come I'm way down here? S even got to put some lemon on my wound, ouch!

Loved this post! there are just SO many things here, I'm getting to know more and more things about you Angela, soon I won’t feel like I'm just stalking you.

My facts about your facts:
I haven't enjoyed any of the last 15-20 movies I have seen, ditto.

I had to google "Benson and Stabler". Sorry.

I have never watched Dog or Extreme Edition of Home Makeover of the Endless Tears. Sorry.

If you tell us the sex of the baby, I'll name my next kid after you...oh wait.

It's' so funny you write that you feel unprepared to be the mother of 3, then Avee telsl the truth by yelling "Yay mommy!". And I agree with her. So there, sue me.

This post is a pathetic attempt at being consistent. Yeah right. Thank you thank you.

I think this post is terrific. I love the randomness and truthfullness about it. And I also wish Benson and Stabler would do SOMEthing. I'm not supposed to watch it though b/c it gives me bad dreams. But if I even watch the first 30 seconds I'm hooked. Hmmmm... maybe there's an SVU rerun on...

Don't your feet naturally get clean while in the shower with all the soap running down in their direction! :) As for happy feet... well lets leave that to the showers once again.. not as great as I had hoped!! As for being a mother of 3 I am scared to death.. every day.. you'll get use to it! The fact that you dog pile with multiple children regardless of being 5 months or not is very noteworthy! If your mentioning consistent things.. put great mom, wife, sis.,daughter, and friend.. give yourself kudos!!

Nate--I laughed so hard at this comment. Mostly because you really captured why I love that show, but hadn't put to words. And EVERY time they say "Baby Lisa" I laugh.

Brandi--HI! Is this a first!? I'm glad I wasn't the only one who tried but couldn't, with Happy Feet.

S--You're right about J and 3 kids. Who would've thunk, eh? You still take the cake with 10 months pregnant taking Nursing finals.

Dawn--YOU wash your feet TOO!? What IS this!?!

Suzanne--Without Ty yelling all the time, that show would be perfect, don't you think. I was interested what you said Happy Feet was politically charged because I think it was and was completely lost on me. I don't like hidden agendas, so maybe that's why it rubbed me the wrong way.

NCS---Next time, would you just like to post to my blog and not waste your time with the comments section? Actually, I loved your detailed response---that's right up my alley. Plus, you really, really make me laugh. I will be sure to send an email, some certified mail, and call you next time I post so that you aren't stuck being the SEVENTH commenter. :)
I'm having a boy, now get to work.

GranolaGirl--Hola! Thanks---I had those fleeting thoughts of "Oh Angela, you're really stretching it on this post" so I appreciate your kind words. And who knew people had so much to say about FEET washing and other facts? :)
I am the same with Law and Order and CSI---I shouldn't but I get hooked. Your own "random" last sentence made me laugh right out loud.

Rebecca--THANK YOU!!!! Now there's my kind of thinking. I was starting to feel like a really smelly loner in a world of clean-feeted people.
And you are very kind. Thank you. I'm going to call you right now...

I'm having a boy. Hmm, interesante. Who said that? did THEY say that?

And yes, if you'd please facilitate my commenting experience by making sure I'm always top commenter, or at least before S and Millie...that'd be grand.

Hated Happy Feet. Well, I actually thought the music was really fun and the IMAX was better than most times I've gone to the recipe-for-extreme-headache-type theatres, but as husband says, "I like my anti-establishment pro-UN tree hugging propaganda mixed with a little subtlety."

A good dogpile with toddlers would help me maybe feel like I'm not an 80-year-old who's 5 months preg. I own a 378 pound 2-year-old, though. So that could be why I will always feel 50 years older than I am and unprepared to be mom of 3. :)

Loved this post. I am back-reading, so look for comments on your other recents. Because I know you live to hear from me. Even if I'm after EVERYONE. And I have no idea who Benson and Stabler are.

I had no IDEA people actually washed the bottom of their feet, or never really thought about it for that matter. Let's see i read your blog yesterday and just thought hmmmm.....that's weird....whatever. AND THEN...I walked in the bathroom this morning where my husband was showering and totally saw him scrubbing the bar of soap on the bottom of his feet. WHAT?!?!?! I just stood there staring in disbelief thinking HOLY CRAP, he is a freaky footwasher too!!LOL!!! I'm sure he thought i was staring for other reasons. HA!

So that's why you offered us the job of unloading the dishwasher, lol :-)

I had a random dream the other day too, I saved the world. And my spay-harness-thing was made out of dental floss.

Avee in the bath bit made me laugh haha.

I don't wash the bottom of my feet, but I guess you should because that's where all the dirty soap goes. But I have to take baths anyway so I don't know...

Lurved the post

Oh, goody, I finally get to comment! S had to 'walk me through the setup procedure, cause it was soooooooooo complicated! Comment? you always make me laugh! those pictures of the babies and your description is a riot! not all together true though.....I was there and they were DARLING!

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