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So wait a minute, I'm supposed to take care of my kids and clean the house?

No honey that is what grandma's are for. You might add washin feet to the list:)

Is that the first time that one has hit you? ;) Every time it occurs to me again I have to go get me a cocacola, some chocolate and some kind of goofy romance to read. It helps the epiphany (but not the laundry or the sink of dishes) go away really nicely.

You WHAT!!!!

It was a surprise to me too. I'd get a lot more done if my children, my ancestors and my blog didn't need my constant attention. Those darn little interruptions anyway.

Who is this Epiphany you speak of?

what?! who told you such nonsense? the next time they say that, just stick your fingers in your ears and say, "la,la,la, i'm not listening".

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