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Last week Jay caught me sitting at the computer with about 15 different windows open, looking at every type of bedding set known to man. Maybe this is my type of nesting. I don't nest, but I do, every six months or so (pregnant or not), wish I had a nice matching, luxurious bedding set. So, looking at different bedding for an hour at a time on the computer is for some reason very enjoyable for me.

J stood behind me for about 42 seconds, trying to be interested in what I'm interested in, heaved a big sigh and said, "I cannot believe this is holding your attention." I could say the same about Command and Conquer, but we still make it work in our marriage.

Well, I unwittingly snagged myself a minion. Tonight while taking a bath, Benja was flying a little plastic boat around the tub and through the air, yelling, "To Bed, Bath and Beyooooooond!"

When J and I were first married, we lived in St. Louis and worked at the same office. We had a young coworker who loved nothing more than to be compared to Britney Spears. And she used to use a phrase all the time that made both of us laugh. A lot. She'd say, "I hate wearing the color green, I look like a$$ in green" or "Oh sick, what are you heating up, it smells like a$$" or my personal favorite, "Ugh, this tastes like _______" You get the point. I guess we think using that "simile" is both vulgar and hilarious. At least I do.

So, today at lunch...

Benja was sharing some of his Shrek go-gurts with a friend. He handed him a "Fiona" tube and said, "This is Fiona, but it tastes just like donkey."

I couldn't agree more when referring to flourescent green "yogurt" in a tube.

And of course I laughed heartily to hear my 3 year old talking like my former coworker Britney wannabe.

Look AT ME!! I'm nĂºmero uno! Yesss.
This is a 3 stories in one. THREE!
The Fiona taste just like Donkey!
To Bed Bath and Beyond!
Nesting vs. Command and Conquer!


I agree w/ NCS - you could have made three posts out of this and then your poor readers wouldn't have to suffer so long betwen your blogs.

I like parfaits, everybody likes parfaits!

Catalog and online "window" shopping are the best entertainment there is. I think some people have just ruined their attention spans with too much Command and Conquer. ;)

Donkey is about how I would describe go-gurts flavor. Ben is a funny, funny and clever boy.

"Bed, Bath and BEYOOOOND!!!" Now that's a battle cry I could really get behind. I love Clearance season!

Man, I love having my birthday in January and getting BB&B gift cards because I scored last month!!!!!!! I hear you about wanting nice linens. I'm starting to think I'll have to have at least 2 kids out of the house before my beautiful linen dream becomes reality.

I was going to say, "How does he know what donkey tastes like? What kind of weird food are you feeding your kid?" till I remembered that Donkey was also a Shrek character. HA!

you forgot to mention that your co-worker WAS an A$$.

I know, I know, not kind.. but sooooo true!

LOL I read this post and didn't have time to comment, so the second read through it was even better. I had a young classmate talk about a$$ all the time in the exact same context, it made me laugh everytime too. Great post:)

Shoot. Even funnier in the update. I'm going to have start using the donkey line.

Is it bad to be called a dollar sign, or even two of them? ;-)

LOL!!!AND Can't stop!!! DONKEY!!! LOL!!!

No, Nate it is only shockin the first time!

I see. There's a big difference between that a$$ and how donkey is an ass.
Very interesting.
Hmmm, the Briney S wanna-be, she would say a$$ all the time because that made her more like her idol?

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