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Oh meeeeeeeeee!

This is Avee's new phrase. It means, "Oh maaaaaaan" best I can tell.
So, conversations have gone like this today:

A: nack mama, nack, naaaaaack!
M: No snack until you eat some breakfast.
A: Oh meeeeeeeee!

A: Lego-me mama, lego!
M: No, I'm not going to let go, I don't want you going in there, Benja's asleep.
A: (complete with shoulders slumping in defeat) Oh meeeeeee!

I'd like to blog some great personal blogging stuff, but alas, I have nothing. Really, NCS, I'm not taking any liberties. Anywhere.

However, in the span of about 10 minutes I got two messages from my sister-in-law and my sister who BOTH said, "If I had a blog, I'd blog this." Since both stories were blogworthy, and I am the judge of all that is blogworthy, I'm going to steal them and post them on my blog. Because I have a blog. And I'm a stealer.

First, my SIL was volunteering in my nephew's Kindergarten class. A student kept inturrupting the group she was trying to lead with, "I'm Japanese!" The redhaired, freckled-face boy certainly didn't look it. And he was being disruptive. Finally my SIL told him he probably wasn't Japanese and that they needed to move on. He insisted he was because he was born in Japan and then threw a fit that got the teacher's attention. The teacher came over and dealt with it, and it was done. Japanese or not, the boy wasn't doing what he was supposed to.

Three days later this red haired Japanese boy's mother confronted my SIL about telling her son he wasn't Japanese. My SIL shouldn't do such things because she doesn't know what he's told at home. Besides, he has dual citizenship! My SIL clarified that she was clearly talking about being of Japanese decent and the mom stormed off. Fortunately my SIL has a good enough sense of humor that she could laugh about this. But STILL. Some people's mothers!

It seems like once upon a time a child would be told, "So why were you talking about being Japanese during tetrahedron making time? Seems like you should have been listening..." etc But nowadays, it's more appropriate to accost the volunteer mother. Yeah, that's a good approach.

Now, my sister. She lives in England and has for the past 6 and a half years. She's American. This is the IM she sent me while I was chatting with my SIL.

"Today I called the English tax people and cried to them that I couldn't pay their exorbitant taxes and was advised to go have a cup of tea. I thought that was pretty rich. Considering, I'm American and the whole tax war thing started with tea."

Yeah, that made me laugh out loud. Wouldn't you love to live in a country where the customer service agents tell you to go have a cup of tea? It just seems so charming, no matter how unhelpful the advice is.

I also find it pretty funny that she even thought to call the "English tax people". Have you ever considered calling the IRS and giving them a piece of your mind? I find it much more effective to swear, bluster, crumple up notices (because I've gotten so many in my adult life), and swear some more.

These stories were repeated with authorization of any kind. If this bothers you, you should probably stop reading this blog. If it bothers you and you are my relative from whom I stole the stories, why don't you just come over here and try to stop me.

That's what I thought.

Am I first.. just thought I would claim this coveted spot!! :)

Am I first.. just thought I would claim this coveted spot!! :)

Angela, just go have some tea. We all know you aren't Japanese.

Seriously, why was the kid making such a huge honkin' deal? We're supposed to gloss over pesky things like race and religion in school settings. Your SIL should've told him he was also a unitard and then see what kind of mess she was in.

The tea thing is hilarious. I went to court today for a traffic thing and a lady was whining to the judge about her fine and that the cops had singled her out and it wasn't even her car and it wasn't her fault and she'd just had a baby and yap, yap, yap. I was like, shut up and let the rest of us get judged. Go whine in England, maybe they'll tell you to have crumpets.

Let the rest of us get judged?? hehe Is it proper blog etiquette to comment on a comment??

Angela - Your blog is a sad, sorry stolen attempt used for the purpose of satisfying your followers..... I am not satisfied!

This is SO NOT FAIR :(
I had a true family emergency so I couldn't get here until now.

Rebecca is making me look so bad. No Fair.
Super Happy Girl looks like she's smiling, but deep down inside she's crying BIG FAT tears.

**Deep Breaths**
Ok, what was I saying, oh yes, I was told once I looked French. Some people are so funny :)

Oh man, I love it that the tax people told your sis to have some tea, hilarious!
That woman who confronted (I love people who love to “confront” others..not) your SIL about her bratty kid being all disruptive and all needs to chill out, man, no wonder the kid is the way he is.

PS. I LOVE your new picture. I love it I love it I love it!

I want to always be first.

Oh meeeeeee!

I think since you started this post on firm cute kids sayings (Oh meeeee! lol!!) from within the walls of your own home, you are therefore justified in stealing other family member stories from outside the walls of your own home and claiming them for your own blog.

Besides what else is a story introduction that begins "If I had a blog, I would blog this..." but a plea to be blogged about?

You can always send them some Earl Grey's as an apology if they complain.

Here's my theory on why Avery is saying that phrase. If you let them watch "Dora", Swiper the Fox always says "Oh maaaaaan" when he tries to steal something and Dora foils his attempt. But he sounds like he's saying "Oh meeeeeeeeeeeen" instead because he tweaks the "a" sound. Like an idiot. But when Avery says it, of course it's adorable.

I love your picture too. :)

Hey, I'm not mad that she stole my story, but I will take some Earl Grey. I should have told that mother that she needed to just go drink some tea and while she's at it file my taxes!

When I was a 2nd grade teacher, I had a VERY white boy tell me that at his old school, he was the only black kid. The black girl sitting next to him gave him and incredulous look, and I stared at him (only momentarily, of course) in confusion, until I realized that he probably meant that he had been the only white kid. When I asked him if that was what he meant he said, "Oh yeah, that." And the girl next to him seemed relieved to hear that she wasn't losing her mind.

The other day I was sitting on a desk during my lunch hour and the subject got onto me being American. But then someone shouted out, 'No! She's Egyption!!' and everyone was like 'Really? Are you? Wow. I thought you were American. That is SO cool' etc etc. I thought to myself 'Do I LOOK Egyption to you, seriously?' I mean I'm a blonde haired, blue-green eyed, fair skinned girl. Need I tell you more?

Anyway, I laughed out loud when my Mom came home and told me her tea story. I also umm 'zeal' you new picture (I went onto thesaurus.com and typed in 'love' it and came up with that (?)). Since love was already mentioned a few times. Me and my friend are trying to be 'ungeneric' Does that count?

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