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While Making A Salmonella-Free PBJ For Benja

Ben, do you want an apple with your sandwich?


Do you want a yellow or red one?

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow! Hey mom, check it out, I can say yellow!

Good for you (I say, but think---alert the press boy---you sure can find joy in the simple things)

Yeah, it IS good for me. I used to say "lellow" all the time when I was a baby. Well, yesterday.

Ohhhhhhhhh. That's right! I didn't even realize.

{Scene ends with audible sound of the mama's heart breaking.}

OK, calm down. You have done such a great job writing down every cute thing your kids have done or said - much better than this mother. I'm glad you chose the salmonella-free this time.

Just yesterday he would say lellow and fpido mohn.
I agree with TMM chicken, you are recording all those cute things for posterity. You are good.


Just wait til you have to go looking to buy snuggly pajamas for your baby in the BOYS clothes section. That is a sad, sad day.

Thank goodness for blogs, though, for sure. All the stuff we shoulda been puttin' in baby books has been catpured...

Aww, darn. Quick, go through his vocabulary, and find another word he can't pronounce!

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