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Look Who's an RN!

Now she can poke people with needles and get paid for it.

Now when I call her at 6:30 AM to come "fish the whistle toy" out of my 9 month old daughter's throat, and she tells me after 5 minutes of unsuccessful fishing that it's probably actually croup and that I should take her to the doctor, she can charge me a per minute fishing rate. And consultation fee.

Now when I answer the phone, "Helllllooooooooooo NURSE!" it'll be f'real.

Now when she has to work with stupid people....well, she'll still have to work with stupid people. Ain't no degree ever saved any of us from that.

Congratulations "S". I'm muy proud because I know you worked very hard and it wasn't easy particularly in the last 10 months when you were pregnant. I also knew you could do it from the moment you started. I really just didn't know you'd do it so darn well!

So let us recap. I'm not jealous. I'm not feeling like an underachiever. Really. I still have my wit and charm to get me through. And chocolate Easter candy.
She earned one of THESE in December

Then she did THIS 4 days later

And now she's officially one of these

In keeping with the tradition of this blog being about ME---this is what I've been working on.
I won't earn a degree from it or a better paying job or anything.

But I'll probably end up getting a bigger brassiere or something.

Maybe someone will build me a cake or something.


That's a goodlooking in utero child. Are those teeth on the left? Seriously. And I think I see red hair.

Congrats S! Please promise us you will never show up on anyone's doorstep with flowers and balloons, saying, "I heard that you were feeling ill. Headache, fever and a chill. I came to help restore your pluck...."

And for crying out loud, don't leave wrappers lying ON TOP OF THE PATIENT when you put in someone's IV. A nurse left like 8 lbs of garbage on my lap after she put in my IV with Carter. I'm like, does she not know where the garbage is? Does she think I like looking at wrinkled gauze with my own blood on it? Can someone get me a baggie?

That's my professional advice to you. :)

A pair of dentures, that's what it looks like. Sheesh. I never noticed, I was just blinded by the beauty of my baby....
I can't tell elbow from femur on those darn things.
But I do see the teeth. :)

and what isn't mentioned is: Sara the nurse hosted boogles of people for Thanksgiving, hosted another gathering for the celebration of the blessing of her baby, houses her brother, is mother to a TEENAGER, runs an open house 24 hours a day to whoever and talks on the phone 24 hours a day to whoever and who the first week she was an official nurse correctly diagnosed her father's health problem and correctly prescribed for it and who is now the picture of health and Nurse Sara also helps with her best friends five children when she can.

Way to go Sara!! We, in Washington, send out our congratulations to you even if this isn't your blog. We love you and think you are brilliant! We are stinkin' proud of you! And Rebekah is gorgeous. Angela, it's hard to tell in your picture, but I think your baby is gorgeous, too.

Well helloooo nurse! Congrats S!!!! W00t!! And look at her Royal Cuteness, just adorable.

Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel couldn't see the baby on the ultrasound? yeah.
This is what I see: A happy face (as you can clearly see).
That’s one happy baby Angela, what are you feeding him/her?

Sara, you are my hero! CONGRATULATIONS! (Nurses and moms are really the ones who do all the important stuff, you know...)

Angela, that baby looks like a feisty one. :) Good work!

Oh, and PinkLady, you are awesome. :)

Hey, Angela - did you know that you are now a medium for speaking to everyone we know through you? THAT is talent. You could go to palm-reading school and make a profession out of it, you know. Home business. With your wit and charm you could make a fortune (or at least tell a few!) That's almost as good as being a nurse. ;)

Well, I don't know about your husband, but the bigger bra thing- well, my husband thinks that's the greatest accomplishment ever, lol. JK.

man, i wish i could earn a bigger bra. maybe with the next kid...

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