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Find It In Your Heart

For less than $1.43 a day you can make a difference in this little girl's life.

Your pledge alone can make the nights a little more quiet, the days a little sweeter, and the mama a little more sane. Don't wait another minute for someone else to solve her problems. Send your pledge for the next 16 years of just $1.42 a day to Iswearitsnotfornewshoes@gmail.com.

:( WHAT HAPPENED? Poor sweet little Avee.
I do! count me in, I'd like to pledge...oh wait. Rats, I forgot about my own Fashionista. Sorry my friend, you are on your own.

BTW, $1.42 a day is waaaay yo low.

David, leon, j, red, and myself think we can possible maybe be able to sponsor her, but we need more info. For one...has she had her shots?

Avee needs to come visit her favorite Aunt Millie and Aunt NCS. And she should bring her mom and her brother with her. No tears here in WA, baby.

Kids don't cry in Washington.
Also, WA people comment first.

In WA, kids eat chocolate non-stop and their parents never make them wear clothes if they don't wanna. It's like that island on "Pinocchio" except no one ever turns into a donkey.

In WA cereal bars get divided perfectly in the middle.

In WA, the beer flows like wine and everyone happily eats tongue tacos like they're filet mignon. And the bishop never catches you doing anything bad.

In WA, chicken are cute.

In WA, you can watch "The Office" everyday...in your mind.

In WA, people's foreign accents are considered absolutely adorable and they can say anything they want without anyone thinking they're rude. And we're all very tolerant of people who stink and wear plastic pants. In fact, we don't even use the word "stink" - we say "smell interesting".

WA is a delightful taste sensation.

In WA, there ARE angels in the rearview mirror.

In WA, there's no road rage.

In WA, blondes can be red heads.
In their mind.

In WA, pedicures are free and manicures are available during Relief Society. With Sugar Smacks cereal available in cute little bowls that you can take home.

In WA, you can hit your friends and they'll just smile.

In WA, people never forget their keys on top of their car overnight.

In WA, little redhead kids can wear their froggy raincoats all year long, and NO ONE laughs, we are all wearing raincoats.

In WA, you can spit when you eat and drool on your shirt and no one will say a word. It's actually encouraged. We all wear polka-dotted shirts to ensure that no one will ever be embarrassed by their unavoidable dribbling problem.

In WA, we all live in motels and eat green oranges.

In WA, you can press the "open door" button on an elevator, while thinking it's the "First floor" button.
Your friends WILL NOT laugh at you.

In WA, all families are crazy, so you can just assume that your friends' families are nuts and no hard feelings.

In WA, "Fpecks" have been outlawed.

In WA, sheep roam free and happily.

In WA, snow days happen at least once a week, even in May. And you can go to 7-11 and buy beer without your stake president knowing, for your hair care needs.

In WA, people sit around all the doo-dah day and have comment wars on their long-distance friends' blogs for, like, hours.

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In WA, you can blog and comment 24/7/365.

In WA, when you puke on a lake, it will stay on one side of said lake. You can still swim and not worry about contaminating yo' self.

In WA, my milkshake won't be better than yours.

In WA, but my pumpkin milkshake will be better than yours.

In WA, Mexicans can spell most of the time.

In WA, gringos are mostly literate as well. And you can take your friend's husband out on a date and feed him sweet potato fries with a pumpkin milkshake. Which won't be better than yours.

In WA, kids wear pope hats all the time.

In WA, your arm can determine every hard decision you have to make in life.

WHAT THE HECKA is going on in here, I can't leave this post for one minute and all he** breaks loose. NCS you had betta be nice to my sista, the two of us could take you down, there is NOTHIN wrong with leavin keys on top of of the car all night. I thought this was all about the sweet baby girl avee anyway! DWR please send her to MO how about next week! Forget WAAAAAAA


I had this weird dream that NCS and I had this comment war on your blog...



Aww, S I love your sister!, when she posted that picture about her keys on the car I knew we would be friends forever and ever, whether she knew it or not.

And Millie, that was not dream, it was the Schnapps you had last night.
Just sayin'.

So schnapps is good for hair too???

Schnapps and Bud Light.

You guys! Here I am scrounging around my bank account, trying to get it in all in order to make a 180 degree turnaround in little Aves' life and still provide meaningfully for my own children through their formative years, and I can't even get a word in edge-wise...

Angela, she's not still crying like that, is she? It's breakin' my heart.

While these people are talking about Schnapps and WA.

Avee follows my own kids philosophy of "If at first you don't succeed cry, cry again."

You forgot to add in a swarm of flies circling Avees head. Thats the secret to playing on the sympathy of people for financial gain, you know.

Avee follows my own kids philosophy of "If at first you don't succeed cry, cry again."

You forgot to add in a swarm of flies circling Avees head. Thats the secret to playing on the sympathy of people for financial gain, you know.

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