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The World's Most Perfect Sentence

Tonight after dinner J put the kids in the bathtub. 20 minutes later I got around to going in to see if I could help. Both kids were playing happily and when I asked if either needed to be lathered up and scrubbed down, J answered that they were both clean. Including the bottoms of their feet.

I said aloud, "Wow dad's on the ball isn't he!?" Avee nodded and emphatically added, "Dad-ball!" Her two favorite things in the world. She never knew there was such a perfect sentence to be uttered. Then she promptly picked up a squirting fish and nailed me in the right eye with a perfectly aimed stream of water.
Just FYI: Avee's face is red in this picture because she is a) sick and has a runny red left eye to prove it and b) just escaped a headlock Benja had her in, in an effort to "pose" for the camera.

The headlock shot is awesome - almost as awesome as commenting before S, NCS and Millie. Oldest children are so helpful with the younger ones for things like picture posing, I have found.

Nice tub. I want one of those. Only with no fish throwing or feet washing. Just silence and suds. Calgon...:)

"Dad-ball" is adorable.

oops..I meant fish squirting, not throwing...

I am posting before NCS and Millie too, so that is minorly awesome.

I want your tub too...you can keep the headlocking, fish squirting children for your very own though. Not that they aren't adorable. To wit (is that one word or two?): "Dad-Ball"

You got to love a big brother that wants to keep his little sister from drowning by any measure!

Me too, me too about your cool round tub. I want one like that someday! :)

JA JA JA, I’m laughing in Español. That headlock shot is priceless, poor Avee, Ben is luck she didn't go Judo on him. I'm glad 75% of the Rhythmless family wash the bottom of theri feet.

CYM, Sketchy...ok you both calm down right now. I was stuck in the snow this morning, trying to make my way to the computer so I could comment first. If you ask me, I deserve to be first commenter: I'm commenting FROM within a snow blizzard that has paralyzed our city. Can any of you make such a claim? Hmm? I thought so.

First commenter from WITHIN a blizzard, W000000T!

Your tub IS round!.
How fun, I want one.

Commenting from WITHIN the NW Blizzard 2007

Great pictures! (And nice tub! I'm jealous!)

CYM congradulations, not that you didn't rightful earn the #1 & 2 spot but if excuses are going around here goes mine...I am in the mist of a ice storm where NO movement is allowed:) And if you could only see the location of that tub....heavenly seclusion:)
DWR Tell Avee she can live with me and be the BIG sista and still have a big brother that won't pick on her royalness:)

OK, I'm commenting from within a blizzard AND with a computer that has suddenly developed a bad (oops, there's another one) case of the pop-ups. That, and I haven't been stalking you as regularly as usual - hence my tardiness.

I'm just glad Avee's face is red because of the reasons you mentioned, and not because Ben wouldn't give her her favorite toy. ;)

And yeah, I need that tub.

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