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Of Diets and Eating Things

I enjoy reading about different diet strategies and "eating plans" to compare and contrast them and someday incorporate the good ideas into my new, improved, health-machine way of life. Most recently I am reading about the South Beach Diet. It seemed to have creeped up out of nowhere and I really don't know that much about it. It's similar to other things I've read. They all say to stop eating white stuff.

This morning, I ate brown and white. And I'm really interested in finding a "lifestyle change" for eating that incorporates 10 Oreo cookies for breakfast. I would rock on that plan. **

Speaking of eating, sometimes I just want to gobble these adorable children up.

Benja calls his Spiderman Vs. Doc-Oc video "Spidohman dee-vosus Doc-Oc". Is it so wrong to hope he never outgrows that?

And then last night, little Aves hurt her two fingers. The girl has taken blows to the head (from the floor and other inanimate objects, mind you) without blinking---so it was really surprising when last night she cried quite a bit and whined most of the evening over two little scrapes on her finger. I doctored them up for her. She was highly offended by the suggestion of bandaging her fingers until she saw Ernie and the Cookie Monster on the band-aids. After I neosporined and wrapped them up, she laid on the couch like an invalid, propping up her fingers. I wanted to eat her whole becaues it's SO DANG VALIDATING. I have been this way my whole life and as much as I wish I wasn't a hypochondriac and lover of attention, it's just who I am. And I see that it's in my hard-wiring, as it is in Avee's. Not only is she a cute little malingerer, she validates my neurosis at the same time. What more could a mother want in a child? I ask you!

** I would be perfectly willing to substitute Cheese Pringles. Or alternate day to day. I'm flexible.

Can it be true? Am I really the first to post a comment? I was so surprised that I sat and stared at the comment link for what seamed like an hour! Then my desire to crush NCS and Millie overtook me!!! Me First! Me First!

I haven't actually read the whole South Beach Diet Book, but I am pretty sure that the brown stuff you are suppossed to be eating isn't the top and bottom that make the oreo complete!

Avee is adorable. You are basking in your proud little moment of "look how much she is like me" when actually.... Avee is playing you like the fiddle you are... Be warned my friend! Keep one eye on her at all time!

LOL @ "playing you like the fiddle you are" - storing that one away for later.

I think fingers are pretty sensitive. All those nerve endings, you know (I'm not a doctor but I play one on my blog). Roz got her finger pinched in one of our folding chairs and I just yanked it out without thinking. Half a fingernail later... poor little thing. It makes my hands ball up in fists just thinking about it. Ouchie.

All my kids except Roz have gotten past the "getting words wrong" stage so I love reading about Benja's cute lisp. He and Roz will have to go "fimming" sometime. ;)

I would totally rock that diet too, maybe we should write a book that will make it legitimate sounding...

Ahhhh Avee! Poor baby, she needs cuddles and pampering, and there you stood snapping pictures...how heartless!

Crushed. Crushed by breit mama.
And the Millie.
I thought *we* had an understanding.

South Beach diet, I didn't know it was about colors. No white, so like no milk, white cheese, white chocolate (I can so totally live with that one), white ice cream, white pizza, etc. I could not do it, since my main food group (and source of much nutrition) is plain yogurt.

Even though Breit mama made me be number #3 I agree with her, that Avee baby has yo' number, aaah , but you enjoy it don't you :)

"Spidohman dee-vosus Doc-Oc", I love it that Ben loves Spidohman as much I love him.

Great, now I'm #4.

Totally off subject - but Aves' hair looks really, really red - it has seemed kinda strawberry before. She really is TOO edible. And I'm glad you refer to wanting to eat your kids. I said something like that the other day and the person I said it to looked at me like they were wondering if they should turn me in to the authorities or something. I just concluded that their kids must not be as cute as mine if they've never wanted to eat them. :)

Oh B Mama I am glad you soaked in the glory of being #1, I feel ya, those *two* are some powerful blog force to be reckoned with. (a doctor? can you believe that:)) How does #4 feel? what about 7 or 8?

And DWR to you, I was looking at my adorable three week old toddler and just LOVE the way she rolls her tongue around outside her mouth, and as I said " You are so cute I hope you never stop doing that' at the same moment I saw a hairy chin, thick tongue drooling out of a fifty+ womans mouth vision in my head. Im just saying maybe Benja missionary farewell talk.....
I can't wait to hugem up!

those *two* are some powerful blog force to be reckoned with. (a doctor? can you believe that:))

Hey, my ITT Blog Doctor certificate don' lie, baby. You can come over here and drool on it for yourself.

I have the same feelings about my babies being so cute I could eat them. I chew on them quite frequently (but usually stop around age 16).

S: How does #4 feel?.
Ok see, now look what you did.


I love the idea that Doc-Oc was going around two-timin' and spending his entire paycheck down at the boats... Spiderman finally cracked, you know? I mean, how much can he be expected to put up with? Spiderman Divorces Doc-Oc!

I hereby dub you the inventor of the word "neosporined". You are so clever, Angela!

My parents did the South Beach Diet a couple of years ago. They both lost about 25 pounds each and look terrific. They've kept the weight off too. I think it was a hard change at first, but then they got to reintroduce some better foods later.

Avee is darling! :)

I forgot to mention that South Beach diet is really sensible, but NOT something to try in the first six weeks of pregnancy. Just saying. Ruined me on green things for a good long time. And I normally like me some cilantro. I also blame it for sending me into the garbanzo bean/chickpea/hummus fetish. So, just FFR (for future reference). :) Mr. South Beach should put that in his book, don't you think?

Oh, there is a diet that involves alternating stacks of Oreos and Pringles. It's called the "Stack on 10 Pounds a Month Diet." ;) I know this from personal experience.

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