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Ant Bites In Texas


Wha? What happened? What's the matter?

(wimper, fake sniff, wimper again) A fire ant bited me.

Oh no, those really hurt! Here, sit up here and let me see.

It's, it's, it's right there, see, right there!

No, actually I don't see it.

Help me! It's bleeding, I need a bandaid, hurry, hurry!

Benja, it's not bleeding, I don't even see where you were bit.

Right HERE!


Yes. No. I mean, there, I think. It REALLY HURTS.

You don't need a bandaid for an ant bite. You just have to wait for it to to feel better, and it will soon.

But, but, it's bleeding all over!

No it's not.

Well, some nice people can still give bandaids to other people who aren't bleeding. Yet.

For sure!! There's no shortage of bandaids in Texas, is there? ;)

i really really hate fire ants. my poor kids run, screaming, from dirt piles all summer, and walk very cautiously in the grass. that is no way to be a kid!

Poor Ben! I cried like a baby when I got bitten....by about 50 at once!!! They're horrible!

So be a nice people and give that boy a bandage. One had me a boo hoo ing.

Angela, be a nice people will ya?
I guess the keyword there was "Yet", you got a very smart red haired boy there.

In WA, bandages flow like milk and honey.

'Nice People' LOL. Come on, a bandaid is pretty cheap compared to therapy. Plus they get all nice and distracted by the cool pictures...

and it's funny how the amount of relief the bandaid provides is directly related to adorning character's current status in the child's mind. unfortunately, the fave character changes more frequently than we stock up on bandaids...

Awwwwww! I could just eat him.

In WA, there are no fire ants.

CYM: no shortage, just a tightwad madre. :)
Leslie: My first exposure to them was last Spring at an Easter egg hunt. A child started the hunt by stepping in a pile and screamed hysterically for 10 minutes. We thought he was out of control, never having experienced ant bites before. Are you in Texas?
Cyndi--In Austin? Please tell me these vicious little boogers are only in Texas.
S--Sesame Street bandaid. I'm nice like that.
NCS--Your reasons for living in WA flow like milk and honey, don't they?
Sketchy--You're right, but I'm afraid my children will need bandaids AND therapy. Maybe I'll start charging him for bandaids to pay for his later therapy.
Megachick--You are exactly right about the favorite character changing too fast. I have a stack of reject Elmos in the cupboard.
Millie---See, now that's the most honest and compelling reason to move to WA! Okay, not the most compelling, but still.

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