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Dude. All I can say, is Dude.


I am the friend outside the bathroom who gets panned periodically.

I love how champagne is the cure-all attempt.

Uh, did somebody warn Kevin?

Dear Kevin, your wife is too young to marry, if you want a real strong wife to handle lifes mountains and valleys I have the girl for you. This woman grocery shops, goes to concerts, has an education, has traveled the world (Egypt), has children already,is kind and beautiful. Love S
PS Let me know

Good HECK. I had this exact same meltdown in the bride's room at the temple! Except they kept trying to give me orange juice instead of champagne.

Seriously... do you really want to hear "it doesn't look that bad" about your wedding hairdo? And why was she carrying scissors around? Don't they know they're supposed to keep all sharp objects away from the bride?

See this is why they always tell you to set two appointments with your stylist before the wedding to experiment with the "wedding day look."

I agree w/ Millie no one wants to be told that your hair "doesn't look that bad", that it looks "Kinda like Shirley Temple", or that "it doesn't matter because everyone will be looking at your beautiful wedding dress." Ouch!

Oh my goodness!!! Is this video for real? I can't imagine how stressed out she must have been and she really lost it in the end, didn't she? You Tube has the most interesting videos, that's for sure!

And these people are allowed to reproduce?

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