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Today is Millie's birthday, over at What On Earth Is That Smell? Her REAL best friend already gave a cool assignment for you to fill Millie's comments with, so I'm gonna use MY comments as the second best thing. Give her some age old advice. A good knock-knock joke, or even a riddle will do.

Since I'm supposed to be on an airplane in less than 5 hours and that entails completing 3 more loads of laundry, packing, lunch, napping two children and showering---I'm gonna have to keep it short and my contribution will be a riddle. For you Millie. And it's homemade, from Benja.

What has 3 legs, an orange face, kicks really hard and screams a lot?

A monstoh!!!
They just don't make 'em this good anymore.

I hope your day is wonderful and all your birthday wishes come true!


Mission Accomplished! LOL! :D

Oops...I put the riddle on her blog by accident! Here it is:

Why do elephants paint their toenails red???

So they can hide in the strawberry patch! :)

This was so sweet, thank you Miss Angela! Where are we going on the plane? Are there string bikinis involved?

What is RED, pregnant and at MY HOUSE for your birthday:) Sorry I was late I was cleaning, shopping, cooking, breastfeeding and showering for company. I hope it was GRAND.

And TMM- no string bikinis here...there is impressionable minds around. ( even though I am trying to teach my son that big woman are HOT HOT HOT...string bikinis might ruin my efforts at this point...if ya know what I mean)

Words of wisdom for TMM (an anyone else who might benefit from it): "I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state-appointed shrink is our friend" (Jack Handey).

The riddle: Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?

S: the answer is "a monstoh!"...oh wait, does it have an orange face?

Have a fun time Angela, take care, enjoy that cute baby and have fun with your sista!

NCS: OK, I need your source for Jack Handey quotes. That one was priceless. And... I don't know about the shark/rowboat scenario. Feed them your cat?

I think the answer to S's riddle is "Angela" but that's just me.

Ok the answer to "Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?" is:
Stop imagining.

TMM is right, right? the answer to "What is RED, pregnant and at MY HOUSE" is Angela. :( didn't even occur to me.

I am expecting pictures mmm'kay? plenty of pictures and of course LOTS of stories.

OK, now I feel super stupid. Not just regular stupid - super stupid. That's a good riddle Mees NCS.

I want pictures too, RP&AMH (red pregnant & at my house).

We don't kiss and tell around here do we DWR/

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