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When Will I Learn?

I just need to purge, confess, do whatever people do when they've done something wrong. Repeatedly.

I know I'm not a bad mom, but I'm really sick of my tendency to learn the hard way at my child's expense.

Avery has bilateral ear infections, sinus infection and swollen tonsils.

What made me take her to the doctor? Well, the nurse who said get her in here now, and her unsightly crusties that made me love her less. Oh just kidding, like that's even possible. But, her eyes just weren't getting better. She had moments of lethargy and hours of fit throwing over dumb things like the underwire in my bra jabbing her, but really now---is that sooooo different that I would be inclined to rush her to the doctor?

The problem is, she IS sick and she DOESN'T complain. So my insecurity at being a hypochondriac has spilled over to fear of being a hypochondriac by proxy and I fight the urge to take her to the doctor because "after all, she's not complaining".

Avee doesn't complain when she has a right to. She does complain when the seam in the shoulder of my shirt impedes her comfort of lying on my shoulder. She does complain when I switch the blue pillow for the identical blue pillow that she's leaning against. She does complain when I put her cup in the wrong cup holder. She does complain about every other unreasonable thing she encounters, but NOT about throbbing ear pain, difficulty swallowing, and sinus pressure that makes gunk ooze out of her eyes. How on earth am I supposed to get it straight then?

So, I'm putting this out there as a reference for myself for the future, for making you all responsible to remind me, and well, for sheer posting consistency TAKE THE CHILD TO THE DOCTOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

And now I am going go be a human car track for the little shiney car that Ben is playing with. It will go over my mouth so I "can't talk" and over my eyes so I "can't see" and over my nose so I can't breath, and then follow a trail down my chin, down my neck, hit my clavical bone and lose control and fall into the valley of dark depths and irretrivability. It's a VERY fun game. For one of us. We've been playing it for half this post. I'm that good.

children can be so deceptive that way. my daughter was playing and entertaining the crowd at the emergency room with a fever of 105+.

Oh poor Avery!!! How do little kids tolerate sickness so well?

My younger son is the same way! He is so easygoing that I worry I don't take care of him like my older son (who complains all the time) because he just doesn't fuss about things. I've had to be a lot more observant and I still miss things sometimes.

Don't feel bad. The important thing is that you got Avee to the doctor when you did! :)

I like to complain about things that are the REAL problem AND things that just annoy me because of the real problem. Where does that put me on the hypochondria scale?

It's all OK - she'll be on the mend and dancing in those shiny black boots before you know it!

And you are good. I'm going to teach my kids the toy car game. Only I'm going to drive it over their mouths. :)

irretrivability?? Is that another way of saying "Girl you got big CANS??"

::giggle:: Breit Mama said "cans".

Poor little Avery. I love how only the "important" things bother her and not trivial stuff like life-threatening illness. Well, it could be life-threatening if antibiotics hadn't been invented by now.

Yeah, you ARE good. I would've slapped that car clear across that room if one of my kids was trying to drive it on me the entire time I was blogging. Now you know the ugly side of Millie. She's a slapper - of cars, not children - but she holds it in when she meets friends for the first time.

Avee is one tough girl.
You are a good mom Angela, the thing with little kids is sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell when they are just being fuzzy or when they are in discomfort, which leaves us moms confused. The good thing is you call the doctor, he saw her, now she'll be better soon.
Hugs to Avee.
And you.

Oh honey, it's not just you who needs this lesson. My poor babies...

You are good at that car track game. Glad someone is having fun.

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