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Old Unpublished Post And Then Some

So, I've started 4 posts in the last two days, in a valiant effort to be a blog posting kind of girl. I get halfway through and reread what I've written and realize that I, who think I am fascinating, scintillating, brilliant, and very pretty, was bored to tears. So---I realize I can't do that to the blogosphere. At least not knowingly.

I think my problem is, I reread some past posts and see how much more interesting life,and my spin on it was in my former, non-pregnant life and I just can't meet that standard these days. This pregnancy has been going quite smoothly and easily, and aside from leaning over and accidentally squishing the little butternut before I remember, I really don't feel physically pregnant most of the time. Oh, that and the gut when I walk by the mirror. I can't be bothered with maternity pants most days because I've learned that one needs more of a rearend to keep those on, and I just cain't do it. So I walk around with regular pants riding below my belly and an oversized sweatshirt---in true redneck, beer belly fashion.

So, I'm going to do an NCS kind of post with just the random thoughts floating around in my head. And, if you are reading this, and there's a question mark at the end of what I write---I would LOVE for you to answer as much as you can. Because these aren't filler questions, these are burning questions in my life.

With that, I'll start off with a question:

Does anybody's children like "Big Big World" on PBS. Benja gets offended when it comes on and Avee turns the tv off.

Benja: Why did dad go to Nohf Carowina---he's supposed to go to Boston.
Mom: No, he is done in Boston, now he's going to North Carolina.
Benja: No, his boss said to him,"Jay everyday I want you to go to Boston foh wohk!" so he shouldn't be in Nohf Carowina.
Mom: Okay, I'll let him know.

Does anyone have a crib that they absolutely love and think everyone should own? We need to buy one and the last one we had was a hand me down that was hashed and the creaking and swaying was enough to almost have me institutionalized.

Benja quotes:
While looking at our token ultrasound photo where nothing is distinguishable to me:
"Yeah, that's a boy foh sho, because boys come from cans, not girls, and this is a boy in a can.

"When I take karate I will be with other kids my age. Then I will beat them all with my karate kick and be alone in the class."

"Where's that one Grandma that smiled at me?"

On Sunday I put Avee in the most adorable little turquoise mock sweater and plaid pleated skirt. She had her darling black boots and I even managed to keep little pigtails in her hair for about 30 minutes at a time. Now, juxtaposed to this was Benja wearing one dark brown shoe, one black shoe, both of them left shoes. He of course didn't notice or care. But his father who dressed him should have. I discovered this at church. Hopefully no one will notice, I tell myself---at least the kid I dressed looks adorable. As I was heading out to our various classrooms a nice man stopped me and asked, "He's so cute---how old is he?" I turned to motion toward Ben, who is three and a half and realized he was asking about Avee. In a skirt. And pigtails. And black boots for crying out loud. That's what I get for being vain.

Avee has taken to calling all males daddy and all females mommy. It's a sweet perspective of the world, and of course I'm just proud of her brilliance in noting the differences already. So far she hasn't made an misidentifications of gender---but a few times her exuberance in declaring what she sees is a little embarrassing. Today as we entered the rec center a very large, bald, much older, sweaty black man was exiting at the same time. Avee pointed and yelled "Daddy!" I sort of blushed and looked away, as it looks like my poor, 2 shades shy of albino, red-haired daughter is desperately seeking any sort of substitute for a father. But the real color didn't come to my face until Ben laughs sort of loudly and says just as loud, "That's funny Avee, he's waaaaay too sweaty to be our daddy."

That's hilarious that they don't like Big Big World because Sophie HATES it too, and I have no idea why. She's never watched an episode for more than five minutes before turning off the TV or, more often, yelling "I don't like it!" over and over again until I go in and turn it off.

The quotes from Benja had me laughing so hard that Bob had to come in and see what was going on in here. I have to say, I've never once been bored by one of your posts.

Yep. That's one of those things about me. I don't sweat that much.


Cal liked BBW for about a week once, then totally hated it. And I have a problem with a sloth that sounds like he's perpetually doped up. So it's outlawed at our house, right along with Teletubbies. We're not too crazy about alternative lifestyles disguised as learning programs for children around here.

Boys come in cans...kinda like the spring-loaded snakes that pop out at you when you think you are opening an innocent can of cashews.

The burning question on my mind is - Has J aged a lot and become bald and large since the last time we saw each other? Let's just hope he can keep the sweat under control for a few more years. And promise not to start doing a comb-over.

BWAHAHAHA..*can't breath*...HAHAHAHA

I so knew boys came from cans! I just never knew hot to verbalize it, thanks Ben.
Also, men don't know the difference between colors: they know dark, white and girl pink. It's not their fault, that's just a side effect from the can (same reason they can't find the tune that's behind the milk in the fridge).

I thought you were going to have a question for each story, so far I can only count 3:
-I have never heard if “Big Big World”.
-Crib? Oh man, I have one, in a picture from a million years ago when my kids were babies, and they said things like "I love you Mommy" for no reason whatsoever...
-"Where's that one Grandma that smiled at me?" Hmm, good question, where is she?

When you write that book with all the Benja quotes I want to be first in line to buy it .I don’t want to pre-order it on Amaz0n.com, I want to be there, standing in line, anxiously waiting to buy it and have it signed by you.

LOL!!! I have a hard time believing you could write a boring post someday you will have to prove it to us.

Boys come in cans! BWAHAAA, Do those cans come with magazines they can read in the can? Because that would make sense.

Also am anamored of the karate quote, not so into being surrounded with peers is he?

RE the questions:
- Never seen BBW.
- We just got our crib from ToysRUs. I liked it because it was easy to set up and move around. I think it was Graco, but I can't remember for sure. Someone else has my baby bed now ::sniff::
- No idea where that Grandma is, she sounds nice though.

NO Avee that is RED's daddy:) So when did LOL turn into BWAHAHAHA I am so 2006. I ditto the comment your post are never boring, but your kids kinda are:)

Hee hee at the last comment. I can't imagine anything about Miss Angela, including her kids, ever being boring. I love NCS' random thought posts too because it's just funny to hear what your girls are thinking about.

Your story about Ben's church attire cracked me up pretty hard, as did "The kid I dressed looks cute". Amen, sister. I've thought myself, before.

- I've never seen BBW either - we're strictly Nick Jr over here. I try to stay away from that lib-tard PBS crap and fill my kids' heads with good old-fashioned American commercialism as much as possible. Plus it's cute to hear Carter answer Diego.
- No cribs here, baby (ahhhh).
- As opposed to the scary, grimacing Grandma? The one with the yellow chipped teeth, smoker's breath, obvious mustache and wrinkles the size of the Grand Canyon? We only see her on holidays. ;)

P.S. LOL @ Shelly's "boys read magazines in the can" comment. And I actually meant to say, "I've thought that myself, before", but I figured you would probably figure that out.

I am not sure if I should tell DWR this on her blog but since I was lurking trying to be 1st if by chance another post was posted.....but RED's thirteen year old brother was ordered to go "pay some attention" to her coos....I just tuned into to him speaking rapid pig latin....very BWAHAHAHA

I have yet to finish learning about the differences of males and females. Most of the time I am OK, but once when I went to London one day I was on the Underground train and there was a person standing in front of me and I just COULD NOT figure out what gender the person was. Eventually I sent a text to my muvver sitting next to me asking her (because the train was so crowded). Turns out she was a she.

ANYWAY...Benja, you make me laugh. Avee I want to hear you speak! J, I just remembered the other day that you never showed me the amazing bathroom cleaner DVD!! Aunt Angewa, yoh blogs rock.

PS, I gots a microphone mwahaha.

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I totally agree about Big Big World. My kids can't stand it and I can't either. I agree with CYM about the sloth sounding like he's high all the time.

It also seems just like a copy of Bear in the Big Blue House with slightly different characters and voices. When it comes on, we flip the channel!

If boys come in cans, then remind me to get some fresh produce the next time I get pregnant so I can have a girl! :)

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