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Logging Hours

15: Hours Avee slept last night

4: Days we have been sick

5.3: Hours I've spent in the bathroom those last 4 days

12: Number of times I've taken each of my children's temperatures

0: Things I've done around my house

5: People who hand delivered Valentine treats to our door yesterday. (Holy moly I say!)

12: Number of days it feels like this week has had already.

4: Times that I have said, "If you don't stop ___________ I am going to throw up all over you.

3: Times that I've actually meant it.

7: Phone calls I've made to J for absolutely NO REASON but to let him hear my poor miserable sick self

1: Times that Benja has said, "Do you like my new shirt? UPS gave it to me."

23: Hours before J gets home

722: Number of times I have looked at my son this week and thought, "Could you possibly get any cuter!?"

5: Days (at least) before I will blog anything of substance

Yours Truly

Boo, and here I thought you were either enjoying your RL too much to blog.
Stop with the sickiness Angela!

HOW DOES NCS do that! Its like the people on ebay that steal your purchase at the last minute. I do hope you feel better, I will be sending a box of Clorox instead of Ben&Jerry's! A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!

I feel for you, I really do.

Feel better soon.

You know what, I was sick a couple months ago, and I'm totally offended that you would blog about it. Hmph. I'm never commenting again.


You poor thing! I just assumed that you were busy enjoying your life of leisure. I do hope that you feel better soon!

20: People that read your blog, leave comments, and love it.

8721: People that read your blog, don't leave comments, but love it still!

I hope you guys feel better soon! :)

I'm almost afraid to sit at my computer, because I think the bloggers are passing it to eachother. Get Well Soon!

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