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What We Did On February 15th

J came home on the 16th and saw our masterpiece.
J:Wow! Look at this! This is cool. And this is homemade gingerbread?
M: Um yeah, cuz that's who your wife is, a homemade gingerbread making kind of woman.
SIL: And it was made on February 15th. That's also who your wife is.

My SIL and two boys who have been staying with us are moving out this weekend. We hired a small crew to help with all the moving. A couple of candids of the movers hard at work.

I may or may not be related to the one who shows up to work wearing a t-shirt with a cucumber superhero who has plungers for ears and, spidohman pajama bottoms at 4 in the afternoon. And no shoes.

lovely house lady:0 I like the barefoot boy and the one next to him alot! Look like they come from a good stock.

You are so talented!, homemade gingerbread?, is there anything you can't do?.
Larry Boy and Spidohman, together, they are both unique and lovely in their very own way.

Shoot...I thought this was going to be a steamy, lovey, day-after-Valentine's-day-reunion-with-the-husband-in-the-traveling-pants post. But, alas.

And I like a mom with the spontaneity to make masterful gingerbread houses in February and the ease of spirit to let her boy match up Larry Boy and Spiderman and wear them all day if he wants.

we love larry boy!

so i take it you're feeling better?

Oops, I mean, what a lovely gingerbread house you all made. :)

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